Dragging The Line

The good news almost always outweighs the bad.  Almost.  

Came to the recent realization that I have some work to do revamping our training materials.  Which is daunting, but you know - I love to write.  And create, and explain.

So, is it really that daunting?  No.  Plus, I don't have to be the SME, I just have to build relationships with the actual SMEs.

Subject Matter Experts.  Sometimes I don't know if my jargon gels with the jargon of others.

So that is good news that previously felt like bad news.  Perspective, mes amis.

This week is going to be action packed - I'm going to be doing a lot of driving, packing, unpacking, manual labor, driving, unpacking, and on it goes.

That said, I'm looking forward to the rest of October.  It's my birth month, of course, which helps.  But we'll also, maybe, get some fall-ier weathers.


Or not.

The final quarter of 2023 started yesterday, and I'm going to be honest - this year has already been a doozy.  Between health crises, family stuff, deaths, weddings, fighting nature, fighting traffic, etc. - it's just been exhausting.  I don't always get enough sleep, until I do - and then it's delightful.

I dreamt the other night about owls for the second time recently.  I should look into that some more.  I also dreamed last night that I was living in a dorm, and they kept wanting to add new roommates - and that I asked where they would put them, and the place started opening up, and there were new levels and all kinds of hidey holes where people could live.  It was odd.  I knew some of the people, others, I just met.  One of them was in a sorority.  But not mine.  She was nice, though.

I like most of my dreams.  That one was solid.

The other night for dinner, I cracked open one of my last remaining jars of Lemon Alfredo Sauce from Trader Joe's.  It's seasonal - won't be back til Spring.  I love it, Matt's not a fan - when he saw what I had planned, he got some leftover marinara for his pasta.  Fine!  More for me.  I finished it off today, and it was so good.  I have to parcel it out over the months.   There are a handful of sauces I alone enjoy, so you have to be smart about when to use them.  I'll make the other jar sometime in January - that should get me to spring.  Or, if they stop making it, I'll learn how.

Don't pay a mark up on out of season sauce.  Plan ahead.

So, let's finish this year off strong.  And saucy!


Christopher said…
Strong and saucy sounds like a good finish to the year but I may have to go with Matt on the marinara. But I like that TJ's does seasonal stuff. It feels like they're putting some care into what they make and not just cranking out a product year-round.
I just realized that's a lesson that can apply to those special work projects too: they need some care and they can be a nice break from cranking out the usual product.
And also happy early birthday. We'll probably come back to that.