Let's get this done in 15 minutes or less - an express oil change of the blogging kind.

I spent a few days in Atlanta with Mom last week - took her to see her gastro who agreed with me that Mom is fine and doesn't need any intervention.  Huzzah!

Worked from her house - during one of my video calls, she wandered into the guest room and met my team.  I don't mind, per se, because we all have family, whether of origin or creation, and that family can be unpredictable..  Plus, as I told my husband, she was dressed, so... no problem.  

I fed her a few good meals, took her to see Barbie, which she loved.  It was a good time.  I came home Saturday, and that evening she and her boyfriend called me to see if I knew where her BRAND NEW cell phone (that I spent my money on) was.  I did not.  A little drama, but eventually it resurfaced on Monday.  She doesn't know where she found it.  Bless all our hearts, but hers especially.

My sinus issues continue to linger - at this point it's mild - drainage plus a sporadic cough.  My cough and I are both productive.  You're welcome.

If I weren't facilitating training, it would be unnoticeable.  But as I am, I am hitting the mute button a lot, and tearing through beverages.  It's not optimal.  I can tell you like a friend, I'll be taking a nap ASAP.

The ad firm who came up with this deserves a medal - it's gross, accurate, and effective. Calling it Mucinex didn't hurt, either.

The other night, I made a version of tlalpeno soup.  It's a Mexichicken soup with a dried ancho pepper cooked in with it.  Smoky, tasty... it was what the doctor ordered, at least in theory.  Soup is good food. This week, we're trying to use up some things that we have.  To that end, tonight I'll be zhuzhing up a cheese pizza in the freezer with a ton of fresh vegetables and some extra cheese we have lying around.  I recommend being rich in cheese.  We are, and it never does me wrong.  If I can manage it, I'll add a little meat to the party, because who doesn't enjoy a little pepperoni, am I right?  I am.  Yes.

Other than that, we're just kind of floating on the lazy river that is August.  We'll celebrate an anniversary in a few weeks - eighteen years married.  Which means we've been in our house nearly the same.

Right now, they're doing water main repairs up and down our street - so I guess the gift for 18 is Gravel and Tar.  Good stuff, y'all - good stuff.

Stay safe and sane, friends.  Mostly, stay cool.



Christopher said…
Congratulations on the anniversary, and on using up some of the food you have. We've got an overstuffed chest freezer we initially purchased for dog food, and it's still got a lot of that in it, but it's also got a lot of other stuff that needs to be defrosted and used.
Here's hoping you can get off the Mucinex, and while I don't know if this would have worked in your mother's case my mother-in-law sometimes calls from her landline and asks us to call her cell phone so she can find it.