Speaking of...

I have a little sore throat/laryngitis/cough.  It's part of a sinus thing... I don't know.  It's not covid, it's not a cold.  

Saturday,  I got tired enough of messing with it that I went to an urgent care clinic and let them put a shot of steroids in my right hindquarter.  I also got some foul cough syrup, and a preventive dose of antibiotics, should I need them.

At the moment, I'm about an hour into a dose of Mucinex, and my head feels like it has been jammed full of Elmer's Glue.  I think sometimes the cures are worse than the maladies.  But I'm not coughing (as much), so I have that going for me.

I am a typically healthy person, so these little inconvenient nothingburger sickenesses make me insane. Especially because anything to do with my larynx/throat etc. affects my ability to talk, and there's so much of my life that requires talking.

Additionally, my sense of taste is altered, and my mouth feels a little raw, so basically, breathing is my mouth's full time job.

Enough of that for now, though.

I finally saw the Barbie movie late last week, and it was insane.  I loved every second.  America Ferrara delivers a monologue in the last third of the movie that every young woman should hear.  The costumes were perfection, the sets were gorgeous. It was pure eye candy.  Great music, hilarious dialogue, poignant story line.  Helen Mirren narrates.  Rhea Perlman gets a little work.  Margot Robbie shines and so does Ryan Gosling, who is just charming.

Go see it, should you be inclined.

So aside from fighting off the summer crud and lining Great Gerwig's pockets, things here are fine and good.  I am going to see my mother for a few days, then I should be off the road for awhile.  I feel like I have just been in my car more than anywhere the past few months, which isn't true, per se, but it feels very true.



Last week I watched Cocaine Bear.
Christopher said…
When I first heard about Barbie I thought, oh, that'll be silly and fun but not for me. The more I hear about it, though, the more I want to see it, and even feel I should see it. I'm not the target audience but that's okay. That's just part of why I want to see it. And now you tell me Rhea Perlman gets a part, which I did not know at all but just adds to the reasons I want to see it. Which may sound weird but I've always found her really interesting and cool. After Cheers she had a short-lived series where she's going to college as an adult and Malcolm McDowell is her snobby professor. Very Educating Rita but I thought those two could make it work.
Anyway I hope your sinuses are better.