For The Birds

So, we have a new friend at the office.  It's a fussy little cardinal, a male - and he's mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

Here's the thing. Cardinals, like most birds, are territorial.  They like their elbow room, and they do a lot to maintain it.

He is doing this one thing that cardinals do - he fights his reflection.  And we have a parking lot full of cars that have glass, mirrors, shiny metal.  So, heaven forfend you park near the trees or shrubs. This little guy will come at your vehicle.

I parked strategically because I wanted a picture.

He looks mad as hell!

And he's not going to take it any more.

My husband's aunt and uncle had one that attacked their window for years.  Finally, he either quit or his time on this earth expired.  

It's been a very birdy few weeks.  I had a dream earlier in the week about owls.  My childhood home was surrounded by all different kinds, and I was fascinated by them.  I was worried about them picking up one of the dogs.  

Then I went to a dream dictionary, and as it turns out - the owl in dreams is about change, and isn't especially positive.  I had thought it was really great, but according to the Google Dreamological Institute, I'm in a world of trouble.

I had another dream about a childhood friend and her mother - I was sort of on the outside looking in at me as a child interacting with them when my friend was also a child - and it gave me some clarity as to how clueless I was to social cues, and how I probably wasn't the easiest kid to befriend.  But that she was extremely kind, and loving and I was so fond of her and her family.  That one isn't so hard to interpret.  I had been thinking of her around Father's Day because this would be her first since her father died.  And I understood where she was.  And truly, she was so kind to me over the years.

But both of those dreams stuck with me.

I had another kind of odd dream last night where we learned that my brother-in-law had been in an award winning commercial during the Super Bowl, and that my sister was going to be accepting an Emmy on his behalf.  She and Mom had been to the ceremony, and had apparently borrowed dresses from "The Academy".  I didn't go, but was waiting for them on the airplane where we would be departing.  That one got really weird.  I was roaming through this warehouse of dresses mid-flight, then had to take a jumpseat to land.  It was a mess.

Like dreams are.

I couldn't find any dresses in my size.  It's fine - I was tending to my mother and sister after the ceremony.  I never did see the commercial that won the Emmy.

Dreams, like birds, are strange and fleeting.

Dreams will not crap all over your car.  That's the difference.



Christopher said…
It still sounds like dreams can, metaphorically, crap on you--that is, some of them leave you feeling unsettled, and the Google Dreamological Institute doesn't help. Dreams are so personal I'm always wary of assigning specific meanings to anything in them outside of the context.
Also I've had a male cardinal come to my window feeder. He's never attacked the window. That tells me I should probably clean it. Or not.