Weather or Not

It is remarkably cool for the 3rd of May.  This is not a complaint - we usually get about two weeks of Spring weather and then it's just SUMMER. Full stop.

I don't mind the cooler weather, especially because I still wear my Birkenstocks, regardless.  I bought a new pair two years ago in Atlanta, when my mother was sick and I was running around trying to coordinate her care, my 4th of July plans, and everything else that was bubbling up from beneath the surface.  There's a store in Atlanta - they have at least a few locations - called Abbadabba's.  They basically sell comfortable hippie shoes.  

I basically live in this shoe, now, March - October.  I need to get them resoled, but I hate sending them off - maybe this November.   I'd like another pair, maybe in black.  They're just so dang comfortable.

Anyway - I'll wait to break out the shorts on a permanent basis - it should warm up starting this weekend.  

May is busy.  In addition to my stone removal surgery, coming in two more days, we are purging a bunch of stuff from the attic.  I'm not proud of our packrat ways, but we're at least making changes.  I found a lot of wedding planning materials, old bedding from two apartments that we were each too stubborn to get rid of at the time.  Cassette tapes by the dozen.  Cables that go to nothing anymore.  Boxes from electronics we no longer own.  Receipts and paystubs from four jobs ago.   We took a truckload to the dump last weekend - can we do it again this weekend?  I hope so!  I hope I feel well enough to do...something.  

We're starting to wonder of there's life beyond the city - namely - do we want more space, a little further out from all the action?  I don't know - I personally believe I can bloom wherever I'm planted, QED.  As long as I'm relatively near a city of a decent size, I can make it work.  I would prefer to be close enough to go into the office from time to time, but if our new digs had a dedicated workspace, I could also make that work.  

Meanwhile, today is going to be one of those days where I am going to be essentially at my desk for 90% of the day.  And that's fine.  One of the things I'm working on has people watching a video under my supervision, which means I can also address envelopes.

I mailed my nephew's birthday present earlier this week.  He's getting gift cards, which his mother said was best.  I don't know - I get it, but at the same time, I like finding things that people would like that aren't plastic and wallet-sized.

My bff here in Nashville is having a birthday next week.  I believe the plan is sushi, which is never a bad plan.   Not a milestone year, but gotta celebrate the whole enchilada. 

And then there's Mother's Day - haven't got a clue how to handle that.  We'll see.  And then there's my sister's 50th birthday, and I have NO idea what to do.  Well, I have one idea.  I don't know if it's a good one.  I know that jewelry isn't an option - our tastes are so dissimilar - and that's a personal decision better left to the wearer.  

Flowers won't cut it.  I can't think of anything for her home, and clothes are a no go.  And you know how I feel about gift cards.

I'll figure that out here, eventually.

After her birthday, well, then it's basically Memorial Day, and I need to get to the cabin, molto pronto.  

And you know, work.  Keep the dog hair under control at the house.  And keep the dog under control.  Make healthy dinners.  Make good choices.  Make the bed occasionally.  Sleep.  

I haven't slept well the last few nights - I have been fretting over the kidney stone.  There's a part of me that wonders if I passed it during the delerium-filled 36 hours of fever.  I mean, it's possible - but I have to think, if I passed it, I'd know...right?  You don't just pass a 5mm rock without feeling it, do you?  Because if I did - that changes my Friday a great deal.  I assume they're going to do an x-ray to know where to look, and in absence of a stone, they're going to send me packing.

I am mostly concerned because I am not having any pain - and that was a surefire way of knowing it was still in there.  Now, granted, I am realizing that the last time it hurt was because I was harboring an infection, and once I got the antibiotics on board, it stopped.  So, I don't know.  Look, I'm not a doctor.  I'm just a woman with kidneys.

And in 48 hours, those kidneys are going to be stone free.




Christopher said…
Fingers crossed for being stone-free. And celebrating the whole enchilada with sushi. It sounds like May is shaping up to be quite a jam-packed month, even as you start unjamming the attic.
I also kind of wish May would just bring on the heat once and for all.