Tites and Mites

To the surprise of no one, I have gout.

Well, to be fair, I self-diagnosed, but I know what I know. The telehealth doc agreed and is sending me some meds.  Thanks, telehealth doc.  

Apparently, seeing gout in tandem with kidney stones isn't that big of a surprise.  Think stalactites and stalagmites.  

Here's what I now know I can't/shouldn't eat, based on both conditions:

- Red meat

- Shellfish

- Organ meat/sweetbreads

- Sugar

- Salt

- Nuts

- Chocolate

- Spinach

- Beets

Many of those are things I am eating on a regular basis.  Those chocolate covered beets with sea salt are the worst.  Of course, the liver, stuffed with nuts and encrusted in sugar probably doesn't help.

I joke, but I eat plenty of red meat, spinach, sugar, salt, nuts, chocolate and spinach. And much, much more!

Not all at the same time, though there have been days.

I actually see my PCP tomorrow for an annual (and to get them to release my hostage prescriptions).  If the swelling is still bad, I'll ask for a cortisone shot.  But the telehealth meds seem to be working, at least some.  The foot is definitely swollen, and you know - there's only so much elasticity in the skin - so, it looks a little frankenfoot-ish.

Naturally, I have myself and only myself to blame.  Which is way worse.  When I can throw an ancestor under the bus, that's a much better feeling.  Also, my dominant foot is so enlarged, it hurts to kick my own ass.

Honestly, a much better feeling will be de-gouting, de-stoning, and battling any other crazy diagnoses they throw my way.

I see myself eating a ton of chicken and vegetables, plenty of beans, whole grains starting... pretty darn soon.  Not lunch today because, well, I didn't pack a lunch today.  Although... Cracker Barrel does offer grilled chicken and vegetables.  Actual ones, not just mac n cheese.

Ok, well - we medicate, we meditate, we move on.

I'll keep you posted.



Christopher said…
You joke (I assume) but when you say "chocolate covered beets with sea salt" I do a genuine "Shut up and take my money!" But with a history of kidney stones I'd do well to avoid it too.
Gout really does sound awful and I'm sorry you're going through it.
I understand drinking a lot of water can help, and at least we're getting into the summer months when everyone's thoughts turn to staying hydrated.