Hey folks - just a quick update.  Surgery last Friday went great - they captured and freed the stone, which had made it about 70% of the way to the bladder - so, in theory, I could have been patient and maybe it would have left without intervention.  We will never know.

Yesterday, they removed the stent - a tube that runs from kidney to bladder to keep things from swelling shut.  In case you're curious, that was the worst part of it.  It felt like I had a pipe cleaner shoved where it didn't belong.  

On the distal end, there's a string that passes through your urethra and out for about five inches.  It was discomfort supreme.   They took it out, and the relief was instant.  Until about four hours later, when my kidney started cramping.  I medicated it into submission, and then around 4AM, it started cramping again.  I didn't sleep well.  Now I'm vaguely nauseated and exhausted, and I have no idea what's for dinner.  But I know we need to eat something healthy...

And truthfully, I'm not that hungry.  But, gotta eat, right?  Maybe we'll do some kind of stir-fry. 

Honestly, I just want to take a long nap until tomorrow morning.

They say I'll feel better by the day - I hope that's true.  For now, I've been completely gassy and bloated, crampy and cranky.  But better, stoneless days ahead!



Christopher said…
Considering the discomfort and damage a kidney stone can cause I think you made the right decision by getting it out surgically rather than being patient. A not-so-fun fact I learned from surgery several years ago is the surgeon probably nicked a small part of my kidney, causing it to die very slowly. While it died it triggered the adrenal gland, raising my blood pressure.
Kidneys are vital but weird.
Here's hoping your recovery is still going well.