Cold Drank

So, there was an article on this past week that basically said the World Health Organization said that artificial sweeteners don't really aid in weight loss - regardless of whether it's man-made (aspartame) or natural (stevia).  And that we need to work on less sweet diets - whether sugar or artificial sweeteners, we need to cut it out.  

I read that and took a long drag from my bottle of Coke Zero and thought to myself, "Well ain't that some...shhhh".  That's a quote from a Cee-Lo Green song.  But you know what I mean.

I mean, I like salt, sugar, fat, and refined carbs.  I also like fruits, vegetables and lean protein.  So you know - it's all part of the bigger picture.  But do I need to eat less from that first list and more from the second one?  Of course.  But do Twinkies taste freaking amazing when you need a quick hit of energy?  Also yes.

Side note - looks like I found my Halloween Costume.

In other random ways to pass time, I've been watching a lot of videos of these dogs with the speech buttons that they push to say things.  I do like the idea that dogs are capable of conversing with us, but I don't think they're capable of the kind of conversations we really want to have.  Still it's interesting to watch, and here's a decent story about a dog named Bunny, who seems to have quite a lot to say:

It's worth a Google, as they say.

Here's how I think it would go if Piper and I had a button based convo

Piper:  Piper....Want....Kill....Possum

Allison:  No kill possum, Piper.  Possum friend.

Piper:  Possum.... Stranger.....Hideous....Beast....Must.....Kill

Allison:  When did we get a hideous button?

Piper:  Piper....Bought....Amazon....Allison....Money

Allison:  You used my credit card?

Piper: Amazon....Free...Shipping....Prime.

Allison:  We have a button that says Amazon?

Piper:  Amazon...Give...Free

Allison:  Got it.  Well, look, please don't order new buttons without me, OK?  And let's not kill any possums.

Piper:  Lame.

Allison:  Do you want a cookie?

Piper:  Does...Pope...Shit...Woods...Hmm?*

Allison:  I'm taking these buttons to Goodwill.

*The Hmm? button seems to be used in real cases as a way of establishing a question rather than a statement or command.  So, Bunny's owner might as, "Where Stranger Hmm?" to elicit more information.  Let's hope the answer isn't.  In...Closet...With...Weapon.

So that's where my head is these days.  Also, I've been thinking about Charles Laughton's performance in the Island of Lost Souls, and how he reminds me of someone I can't quite place...

My brain is busy, is what I'm saying.