So I am feeling better.  I'm not going to say completely better, or at a state of healed - but I can more or less do what I want.

Unless I want to sleep on my side.  Either side, though - left for preference.  I can't do that.  Not comfortably.  I think we're still dealing with bruising or an alien parasite.  Does it matter which?  Not to me it doesn't - let's just hope it's gone sooner rather than later - while I can sleep on my back, it's not my best sleep.  I need my best sleep to heal, and I need to heal before I can possibly get that best sleep.  Ain't that a bitch kitten?

Bitch kitten was one of my grandmother's phrases for something contentious, prickly, challenging  If nothing else, it paints a picture.   My father and mother used to call someone in a state of extreme inebriation "drunker than forty bicycles".    Apparently, drunk as a bicycle is someone still upright, drunk and weaving aimlessly.  So, you know - take that, and multiply it by 40.

My family had a number of odd sayings, but that's not really the point, or at least not today, it isn't.

I'm not even sure that I have a point for today.  Well, OK.  Here's something I was thinking about.  Video Games.

Now, I'm not a hard-core gamer type.  I don't do well in first person shooter games because I hate gunfights, I have no coordination, and my reaction times are slow.  Honestly, those last two make a lot of video games a challenge for me. 

But that's not really what I was thinking about.  What I was thinking about is Unlocking Achievements. We've been working on an issue in our neighborhood where we had kind of exhausted all our options, or at least, that is how it felt.  And then yesterday, I had a brief window of where I had a chance to get some information exchanged, and I made it happened.  If it were a video game, there would have been an Achievement Unlocked bubble above my head as I walked away.  There will be other battles to fight, on other days - but the point is, I'm here now.  This is my achievement.  

I mean, you have to start somewhere, right?

Anyway - needless to say, maybe not the most productive weekend of my life, but I'm OK with that.  I'm going to be going into overdrive once we hit late April.  

I'm seeing tons of my friends post their kids' prom pictures, which is ridiculous, because it was only 30 years ago that we were going to our proms.  I know - tempus fugit, and all that.  

I don't mind getting older.  It affords me a certain blend-in-ability that you lack when you're younger. 

I do mind looking older, sometimes - but I can make it work.

Anyway - just wanted to let you know I'm back and mostly upright again - especially until we solve that side sleeping thing, which I have to assume we will.  Achievement Unlocked?



Christopher said…
I feel like learning "bitch kitten" and "drunker than forty bicycles" has unlocked an achievement. My reaction times are also terrible and, well, back when it was time for my prom the computer I had wasn't that powerful so I played a lot of puzzle games. I never did win "Planetfall", though, and, truthfully, reading walkthroughs for it now, I feel like not winning was an accomplishment in itself.