Who Watches Over You (?)

I have tickets to They Might Be Giants this month.  I am pretty freaking excited.  The title of this blog comes from the lyrics of a TMBG song, and the title of this post does, too.

They will be performing their album Flood in its entirety - and that is some good stuff.  I need it.

One of the things about training that people don't necessarily understand is that you have a whole group of people who are asking questions all day every day - and it's a little like herding cats.  You get one person started, and someone busts in and says they don't have the same screen showing up.  And then another one drops off camera, and then all the sudden, someone's sound coming from their teams meeting that drops an F bomb - theoretically.  I am not saying that happened (it did).

And that's eight hours a day, five days a week.  While also answering emails, texts, IMs and attempt to not eat the entire party size bag of Cheetos in a day.

This is not a drill.

Meanwhile, I am balancing my work life with the role of a caregiver/caretaker.  Mom, of course.  Of course - we're also still recovering from the final hurrah of Covid/pneumonia.  So there's a lot of give and take going on there.  That's one of those antonyms that is also a synonym... I don't know. 

And then, I've been dealing with sleep problems - I got a new CPAP earlier this week - it's powerful and quiet, but the new mask is a little weird, and I feel like the humidity needs tweaking.  Honestly, I need an igloo to sleep in as well.  It's been crazy hot this week - especially for end of February start of March - and I can't manage the heat as well as I'd like. 

I've also had some crazy dreams.  Some of the same themes as usual, but last night, there were fedoras, formal dances, suit shopping, Uber rides, and starting new aspirational businesses.  I also met a woman in my dream named Graceltine April Decatur, and told her what a great strong name that was.

But even if dreams like that mean I'm in REM sleep, my brain is BUSY and exhausted by morning.  I woke up sweating and tired.  And tired of sweating.

Maybe I need to buy a blue canary for the outlet by the light switch.  



Christopher said…
I am really jealous of you getting to see TMBG live. And performing "Flood" in its entirety. A few years ago--actually more than a few, now that I think about it--Flansberg and Linnell were on Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! and Peter Sagal made a joke about how they used to be this indie band with a cult following "and now all college freshmen get a CD of Flood in their orientation package." Yeah, this was when CDs were still around.