Screamy Meamy

Hello there.

Things here are a little chaotic, but what are you going to do, sleep through it and hope it just blows over before you wake up?

No, that doesn't work.  I mean, I'd love if it did, but I am a realist.

As a realist, it's been very clear to me in the recent weeks/months that my under eye bags are fully packed, and I need to send them on a long vacation.

Now, I'd love a blepharoplasty to get my uppers and lowers rolled up and cinched tight.  But I also don't have $6000 to drop on that kind of nonsense.  I'd also love to have a number of skin tags and moles I want removed.  And maybe my eleven lines blasted into outer space.

But look, I earned my stripes - moles, tags, stretch marks, wrinkles, gray hair and tired skin.   I might as well own them. 

That said, I don't mind a little liquid magic where I can get it.  And I saw an ad on FB for some eye concealer cream that looked pretty promising.  So I laid out about $60 and waited for it to arrive.  Now, truth be told, I've purchased items straight from the fountain of youth before and I've been disappointed.  But the goods arrived, and they seem to make the situation a little bit better.

Now, there are all kinds of liquid potions making the world a better place.  Clorox, beer, perfume, Coke Zero, chemotherapy, Listerine, paint, glue, maple syrup, olive oil, Pepto Bismol, apple juice, nail polish, queso dip, aloe vera, laundry soap, hair spray, flea preventative, gasoline, saline, Ovaltine, coffee, wine, lime juice, mustard... I mean, I could go on for days.

And I will.  With this eye serum, I will go on for days looking, if not younger, then at least well rested.



Chuck said…
I read too fast and thought we were supposed to apply flea preventative and Pepto-Bismol under our eyes. It's been a long week.
Christopher said…
Somehow I've gone my entire life without ever trying Ovaltine until recently. And, yeah, it's now definitely been added to my list of liquid potions that make the world a better place.
It's also cheaper than the eye serum, although, truthfully, I think you could apply both and feel even better.