Flowering Quince

It's time for me to get a new sleep apnea machine.  I had to cancel my slot to pick it up a few weeks back, and since then, I've made several attempts to call and reschedule.  Each time, I've waited on hold, gotten a rep who says they'll send a message to scheduling, and then I hear nothing.  So today, when I went through the same song and dance, the rep added that the scheduler is pretty quick at getting back to people.  I chuckled and said, funny you should say that - this is my third time doing this, so we'll see.

I'm sure that didn't ingratiate me to these folks, but I'm going to call it what it is - and that's pure manure.  I mean, I realize I had to cancel, so the onus is on me to get it fixed, but people should return calls.  Whatever.

I learned today they're making a "remix" (their words) of the 1990s movie, White Men Can't Jump.   I saw that movie.  On a date.  With a boy.  Who I was really into.  I think he wasn't so much into me as he was home from college for the weekend and bored.   What did I care?  A date's a date.  

It was a decent movie, good date all in all.  But much like I don't need to go back to that era of my life, I'm not sure that the movie is ripe for a remake.   It was fine.  And that's about it.

I kind of feel that way about turning mediocre film scripts into Broadway shows, or sitcoms.  There have to be new ideas that haven't been strip-mined for every ounce of novelty.  

Don't get me wrong.  I love the Addams Family - in cartoon, TV, movie, musical, and limited web series form.  But there has to be the next big thing.  Somewhere.

Last night, we started watching this made-for-TV movie from the 70s that Matt found on streaming.  It's called Duel, and it's the story of a man who nearly gets run off the road by an angry trucker.  At least, that is as far as we have gotten.  I had to tap out because I was finding it extremely stress inducing, and not ideal Sunday viewing.  Matt was loving it.  

It's kind of like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.  It's funnier if you haven't been on the fuzzy end of that lollipop.  My opinion of the movie Office Space varies greatly based on my employment situation when I am watching it.

Whereas Airplane and Animal House?  Always funny.  Never not funny.

I think the big takeaway is that I'm under some stress.  Which is nothing new, really.  But that's where we are.

Well, and that I'm pretty sure they don't need a second White Men Can't Jump.

This weekend, we ended up sleeping a lot, at least on Sunday because I think we needed it.  I did. 

I got to see my friend Jim for the first time in a month, and heard all about the cruise he took.  And on Saturday night, we did online games with the crew - it was a lot less profane than usual.  We must be losing our collective touch. 

I kid - we had fun - and we're super clever.


Christopher said…
Somehow I've never seen White Men Can't Jump, but that clip of Rosie Perez killing it on Jeopardy is just damn delightful. And in spite of not having seen the original all I can think is remaking it without Perez would be like remaking Airplane! without Leslie Nielsen.
Anyway good luck with the new CPAP. It seems like the more stuff gets automated the harder it is to get a response, although I regularly have people tell me their automated response system really works great.
Deep down I think they know they're being paid to shovel manure.