24 x 2 = Now

Twenty four years ago today, my parents found my first dog, Lola, on the side of the road in the North Georgia mountains.  That was a good day.  For her, for me.  Probably for my parents who found her as well.  It was a good day.

I loved that dog.  I mean, she was just heaven sent, really.  I had told them that day that if Katie had puppies on her farm, I wanted one.  Well, they found Lola on the side of the road, about a half mile from Katie's farm.

Lola was way more chill than Piper.  She was also more prone to illness. She had gastroenteritis a few times, she once ate a whole bottle of anti-anxiety meds (hers, not mine) and had to be forced to throw them up.  She had a cyst on her paw, and another on her lip, and she had allergies.  So many allergies.

But she was my best buddy for thirteen years.  She died a year and change before Dad did - and I honestly think she was preparing me.  I will tell folks that losing her was in many ways harder than losing Dad.

According to the DNA test we took, she was full blown mutt.  A little English Setter, some Jack Russell, some Boston Terrier and a lot of "we have no idea".

She loved running up and down the creek in the mountains and later on in life, we took her on a canoe trip:

She was beloved and a total joy.  I forget about her sometimes, and I try to remember what she felt like when I would pet her.  I really, really miss her though.  Piper is completely different, and they were/are the exact perfect dog for her time.  I couldn't have handled a Piper in Lola times, and I would rather have Piper than Lola right now.  Well, I love them both in completely different and equal ways.

That's the truth.

Back in the day, I would make Lola a big bone shaped rice krispy treat, or once, a squirrel made out of cocoa krispies.

I called February 13th Foundling Day.

Today, I'll just write a little about her, and our time together.  

She was a good girl, and I enjoyed having her in my life.  And that started a half of my lifetime ago.



Christopher said…
That picture of Lola in the canoe makes me so happy, probably because all of you are having such a good time.
It never ceases to amaze me how the right dogs always come along at the right time, but mostly I don't even bother with the amazement and just bask in their dogginess.