slug, drug, jitterbug

I have a lot going on.

In the non "body-positive" sense of things.  We are 1/3 of the way through the month, and I feel like I haven't really even recovered from December.  Things are fine - there's just a lot of things.

Tonight I'm getting my hair cut, and I am amped.  I might even get some product.  I need to put on a little face paint before I get there because staring at my naked face in the mirror for the better part of an hour feels a little painful.  

Body Dysmorphia, Party of One - Your Table is Ready!

Tomorrow, therapy.  Well, you know - professional-grade.  The hair salon is warm-up for the big show.

Lots of activity in my life and around me.  It's exhausting.  Do I nap too much?  Some may say I do, but then, how do they know my level of exhaustion?  It's high, kids.  It's really high.

The good news is, I can kind of tell the days are getting longer - it's good, it's nice.  I can't wait til March - then we get the longer days back, I think.  Or not.  I feel like they're going to end daylight savings.  But in second grade, they told me to get ready for the metric system and here we are, imperial as ever.

Note.  Second grade was 1982-1983.

I wrote a poem that made it in my yearbook that year:

It's 1983
Let's soar the sky and sea,
for we are free.
It's plain to see
it's 1983.

Feel free to be impressed by those bons mots.

I don't write a lot of poetry.  Or read much of it.  Some... just, not a ton.

I know a lot of limericks.  I can even write them.

This blog is in need of change
I have nothing to tell, which is strange.
For some fresh inspiration,
I'll take a vacation
Somewhere sunny, and out of cell range.


Yeah - I've still got it.  

Hang in there - I'm not really taking a vacation.  But I'll pretend my hair appointment is a fancy spa treatment.  Don't spare the conditioner!


Christopher said…
Hey, that's a pretty good limerick, and I'm saying that as someone who used to read, and write, a lot of poetry. Poetry is why I majored in English in college. That and I was bad at math.
Here's to the new year and, more importantly, the days getting longer. It's still dark when I wake up in the mornings but I can already tell even that's changing.