I know...I think.

I've been dreaming a lot about high school since the pandemic.  Your typical stuff - being in a classroom and not being prepared.  Trying to navigate the social mores of the times, scrounging for a prom date, getting on and off of buses, giving people a ride home and getting lost...

It is anything but restful.

To cap this off, in my waking life, I have just learned the date and location of my class's 30th Reunion. 

I know!  I was surprised as well, but I did the math and it checks out.  Oh boy, does it check out.

I went to my 20th, and it was fine.  I still have the dress I wore.  Does it fit?  No, no it does not.  Well, I don't think it does.  Whatever.  Doesn't matter.  Anyway - the day social media put it out there, I messaged one of the people I keep in touch with about the reunion.

Names and Faces Obscured to Protect the Innocent

I consider this person to be one of the more important people in my life, from a historical and modern day perspective.  He shows up in a lot of the High School dreams.  If you were to ask him if I'm an important person in his life, well, he'd probably have a really diplomatic answer, but I doubt that I'm as important to him as he is to me.  And honestly, that's OK.  I am doing a lot of living in my head, where everything takes on a rose-colored quality.

Which, if we get down to it, might explain the High School dreams - you know, a simpler time and all that.

Speaking of simpler - at my house, we're trying to eat better, eat less junk and processed stuff.  Given that I am a serial dieter, I feel that my nutritional sense is quite advanced - I mean, yes, I do eat badly from time to time - but at least I know it.  My better half talks about cutting out a lot of starches, but in the same breath, says he's going to have bread and limas with dinner.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  Yes, they're complex carbohydrates (whole grain bread, fwiw), but they're still carbs.  We'll figure it out.  In the meantime, we are eating better, for the most part - and it's the little steps that start to make bigger steps.

Meanwhile, I spend some time this weekend whittling down some of the crap in my chest of drawers.  Everything with holes, or t-shirts I won't wear again, or stuff that just doesn't suit me any more.  Gone.  I was able to fit everything I wanted back in with some room.  Not a lot, but at least it's not spilling out into the room itself.

I need to do more purging of crap.  Part of my problem is sentimentality.  I attach meaning to everything.  My sister is a minimalist.  I bet she could throw away her baby book if she thought it would mean one less thing to manage.  I envy that, but what can I say?  I like stuff.

Meanwhile, doing a lot of writing and putting together this week.  It looks to be good - and I'm glad.  I am planning an Atlanta trip pretty soon, and that's going to take a lot out of me.

That's basically it from here.  You do you, and we'll chat again soon.



Christopher said…
So far I've skipped every one of my high school reunions--the 30th was the most recent--because people I really wanted to see weren't going. Although, funny enough, I could probably put together a reunion of all the high school chums I do want to see for the price of a weekend in Atlanta.
Purging, meanwhile, is definitely something that needs to happen. I haven't been dreaming of high school. I've been dreaming of getting rid of stuff. Go figure.
Chuck said…
I went to my 10th, and decided that was enough.
Good on you for purging. I promise I'm worse at it than you are. I find it far easier to give up on my hopes and dreams than to give away physical objects that are little more than junk. As ChrisW said above, go figure.