Household Privileges

We decided to do something this week that we should have done ages ago.  We whittled down to one Amazon Prime Account for our Household.  It's a thing, apparently.  Yeah, that's right, we were a dual income, no kids, Amazon Prime, one dog, Amazon Prime family:  DINKAPODAPs

Like families are.  But why pay $300, when you could pay $150?  That's half as much!

There are things I'll miss - apparently, the playlists I created will be going away - but I downloaded the music to my phone, so I still have that - I just need to make my own playlists.  That's easy enough, right?

Due to some recent decisions about our health and wellness, we're doing a lot more cooking at home.  My husband mentioned this morning he was having calf cramps.  I suggested that he needed potassium.  He looked it up and said that I was nailing it on having potassium-rich food sources in our home.  No shit!  I may not have read a million books about the evils of sugar, but my K purchasing skillz are on point. Of course, more cooking means more dishes, more shopping, more work.  But I think it's worth it.

I do want to address some grocery shopping things, since I'm here.  Can we talk about eggs?  I mean, as a young person, I went grocery shopping with my Dad often.  Of course, it all comes back to Dad.  But we would go and he would show me how to pick the best produce, meat, etc.  And I recall him saying on more than one occasion, that eggs were the cheapest healthy food you could get.  Excellent source of protein.  Dad ate eggs way more than I did.  One of the most obscene, gag-inducing concoctions he made was a soft-boiled egg over cornflakes.  And not cornflakes with milk.  Dry cornflakes.  If the visual didn't make you sick, the sulfur smell would.  But he loved that.  He loved scrambled eggs, he loved matzoh-brei (scrambled eggs with matzoh), he made omelets, egg salad, deviled eggs.  I learned to do all those things from him.  

I am especially picky with my scrambled eggs.  Scrambled soft, please - but not too soft. But also, I do not want anything brown.  That makes them overcooked and rubbery.  As far as scrambled eggs go, you know where they are always right?  Waffle House.  It doesn't matter which one you go to, if you order cheesy eggs, they will be perfect.  Is it the industrial grade cooking oil?  The fat-coated grills?  The indifference of the people cooking them?  I don't know - but they never disappoint.  Whereas Cracker Barrel always disappoints.  One of my other frequent breakfast spots is First Watch - they are fast-casual, but slightly upscale place that does breakfast, brunch, and lunch.  There, I typically order avocado toast, which comes with two eggs, any way.  Hard boiled for me, please.  Hot or cold?  Doesn't matter - surprise me.

Weird, huh?  But hardboiled and scrambled (correctly) are the way I like eggs. And hardboiled includes deviled eggs and egg salad - provided we're talking mayo and not (shudder) Miracle Whip - which is another gag-inducing concoction.  I can do the occasional omelet, and quiche is marvelous.  But over-easy?  Sunnyside up?  Shirred?  Coddled? Poached?  I once attempted to eat a poached egg on a salad I was served in Delaware.  I got it down, but felt sick the rest of the night.  It ruined the entire (tiny) state of Delaware for me.  And that was nearly six years ago!

For what it's worth, my husband's favorite way is over-easy.  I cannot fry an egg to save my life, let alone "over" it - easy, hard - it ends up being a botched scramble.  He eats it anyway because he isn't picky.

But recently, eggs have gotten pricy.  Last week, at Aldi, I paid $4.99 for one dozen cackleberries.  Large, Grade A.  Times two, because I bought a second dozen because my husband has been eating breakfast more regularly, and that means eggs.

It's not that I don't have the money to buy them.  I do.  But along with eggs, the price of everything has gone up - nothing so exponentially as eggs, nor so suddenly.  I mean, yes the price of dog food gone up a dollar a year, but that's over a five year span - and there are always deals If Arnold's bread is expensive one week, the Pepperidge Farm, or Killer Dave's or similar probably has a deal going.  If ground beef is pricy, you get chicken, or whatever.  What I'm saying is, there are choices.  With hen fruit, the choice is: take it or leave it.

As the head football coach in High School taught us in Econ - eggs are inelastic.  If you need the eggs, you will buy the eggs.  

So that's where I am.  

The good news is, even if my husband doesn't understand why I am so alarmed at the high price of eggs, as he casually cracks a few to make breakfast.  Well, the internet gets me.

You're never alone with the internet.

That's my grocery rant.  I'll go to the store again tomorrow - who knows what it'll be this week!?!

Enjoy your favorite incredible, edible egg your way.  It's the weekend - you deserve it!


Chuck said…
Happily, I hate eggs, and living in a one-person household I don't do much baking outside the holidays. Because the price of cacklefruit is eggstremely concerning. I'll show myself out.
Christopher said…
We're lucky to have a friend with a farm and I'm not sure how many chickens, but she sells her eggs for $3 a dozen. It's nice, especially since one of our dogs goes through half a dozen eggs per day. So the price of our dog food has gone up significantly when we can't get the farm eggs. Because chickens don't produce year-round, at least on a farm. The things you learn.
Also good for your husband for not being picky about his over-easy eggs. There's really nothing easy about cooking them that way.