Hors d'oeuvres

Welcome to 2023.  So far, well - it's January 1st - so, kind of quiet.

I am working today, mostly to get caught up on not working for a week, but also to lend some esprit de corps - the phone lines are open today, and we had some concerns that we were going to need to have all hands on deck.  Same for tomorrow, to be honest.  I'm working then as well.

The good news, I can use the time to kind of get my space how I need it because Tuesday, I start with my new hire, orienting her and getting her set up - which is super exciting.

Wrong Esprit de Corps...or is it?

UGA won their semi-final game last night in a squeaker.  It wasn't pretty, but it almost never is.  I'm just glad we did.  Now, honestly, if TCU takes the national championship, I can't be mad.  They have been underrated for years, in my opinion -  and wouldn't that freak folks out?

If that makes me a bad alum, so be it.

So, as you may know - I occasionally pick a color and word at the start of a year to get me pumped and focused on everything.

This year is:  ORDER.

As in, creating peace from chaos.  As in, asking for what I want.  As in, belonging to something bigger than myself (the Order of the Loyal Shadethrowers, or whatever), As in, putting things in the correct sequence.  As in, giving people direction to act.

Perfect word for this year.

For my color, I'm choosing copper.

So, Happy 2023!

Let's do this thing.



Christopher said…
I like that you're giving an order for how you want this year to go down. The number 2023 doesn't exactly roll off the tongue--the big ones always seem to be years that end in fives or zeroes, although '21 and '22 were significant in how much we didn't want them to be repeats of '20, and that's carrying on into this year. Things are definitely improving.