With Apologies to Clement Moore

T'is the night of Christmas, and all through the house, all three of us are stirring - Piper, me, and my spouse.

So, we had to delay going to see mom because we tested positive for Covid. 

My case has been mild and mostly incidental.  I felt like I had a cold - my temperature never got above 99 7, I was congested, tired, and a little achy. My better half, on the other hand is still feeling rough. His fever was spiking and dropping  for about four days. His lungs are still swampy sounding, and his cough is indicative of that. He has been resting and trying to stay hydrated for a week, now. 

Suffice it to say, I (regretfully) got my wish to spend Christmas with Piper.  She got some new tennis balls and a ton of love. And treats. Matt doesn't really feel up to having her company, but I have enjoyed it greatly.

I feel totally guilty for leaving Mom basically to her own devices. Granted,  her boyfriend is there, and he is enjoying having his youngest son and his family there. His oldest son  and that son's girlfriend got Covid a week before us, and both of them had it mildly. So, there's that.

We opened presents, which is to say, the Amazon boxes containing our presents. We ate breakfast,  spoke with family, rested. I cooked dinner, it was delicious.  We watched Glass Onion and it was fun. 

I miss my family. I'm homesick for a time in my past - when Christmas was still work, but the work:joy ratio was more even. This year was like 90% work, 10% joy. But the good news is, that ratio can change from minute to minute, and I will spend the rest of this year and as much as possible of next year capturing joy.

Let's go!


Christopher said…
I'm so sorry you and Matt got COVID. And just in time for Christmas. We were also stuck at home because of the freeze--no driving when there's snow on the roads and the wind chill is twenty below--but being sick for the holidays is so much worse.