Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

For the past week it was dark, we were getting all this rain, it was just kind of dreary.  Just a whirlwind of blah.

But the sun is out this morning and after a spate of overcast days, it's BRIGHT.  It's also directly in my eyeline, but hopefully within the next 20-30 minutes, it'll be up past the corner of the window.

At the moment, I'm also in a little discomfort because decided to wear some of my tighter jeans.  The things we do to get dressed in the morning!  

I am nearly done with Christmas shopping, sort of.  I haven't done anything for Mom's boyfriend yet - though I have a plan, sort of.  

Everything in my life is "sort of", right now.

We'll get there.

I am meeting up with my friend, Jim, for our pre-Christmas get together tonight.  

Tomorrow, my team is having a Christmas lunch, which is fun because I'll get to wear my snazzy Christmas dress with candy canes on it.  My only regret is that when Belk was selling them, I didn't buy a second one in an equally fun pattern.  You can find lesser versions online, but this one is way nicer.

Found out that some of both the blended family and the extended has the covid and/or is in a location with an outbreak - that may put them out of contention for the holidays.  Meanwhile, Matt and I need to NOT GET it for the next, well - forever, I hope.

That's pretty much it.  As the French say, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."  But in French, so it's sexier.


Christopher said…
Keeping my fingers crossed that you and Matt don't get covid. My doctor says, "Everyone's going to get it eventually," but I'm not so casual about it. Or hopefully if we do get it it'll be a sub-sub-sub variant that'll be too weak to do anything. The longer we go without getting it the better off we'll be, I hope.
Anyway I hope you got some compliments on your candy cane dress!