It's hard to believe that November is nearly over.  Usually, it's kind of a slog, and admittedly, I've gotten my days and weeks mixed up several times, but here it is, nearly over.

Thanksgiving went well, although I did drop an F bomb at the dinner table Thanksgiving night.  I was trying to answer a question and two other people kept asking more questions before I could answer the first one.  I finally uttered an exasperated, "Fuuuuudge!"

Only I didn't say fudge.

Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!

I really do need to watch my mouth, though.

It's good to be back home, though.  I've been cooking, which I enjoy.  Tonight I'm going to take the leftover ham and turn it into split pea soup.  I mean, obviously, I'll also be using dried peas.  But the ham is the secret weapon.

To that end - the day after Thanksgiving, I made a pair of quiches Lorraine - which is to say, ham and swiss.  They were so good - why have I never made quiche before?  Huh.  Anyway - add that to the repertoire.

Meanwhile, work is moving toward a huge 2023, and that's exciting.  I think we'll have plenty to do, and I doubt I'll have any trouble staying engaged.  I do miss people, still - but that seems to be working itself out.  I need to conserve energy for my Atlanta trips.

I am also thinking I'll be re-upping on my dance classes after the first of the year.  Now that my hips, knees and heels are all in good shape, might as well see what I can do to destroy them.

And I do need to take care of a few Christmas presents - my family is pretty simple, and I have a Secret Santa for work - that one might be a bit of fun - she likes Spa Days.  Same friend, same.

Be good - it'll be Christmas before you know it - and he knows when you're awake:

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Christopher said…
It's hard to believe it's already that time of year. I'll never forget the time I watched A Christmas Story--having seen it dozens of times already, including in the theater--with an uncle who was visiting. This particular uncle was a very dour character. In fact I don't remember seeing him smile on any other occasion, but when he watched A Christmas Story first he chuckled then he outright guffawed. "It was...soap poisoning!" almost made him fall over. Then when a commercial came on he'd glare at me and say, "That's exactly how it was for us!"
And thank you for recommending Always Fits. I need so much from that store.