Mirror the Juror in Error and in Terror

I turned 48 last week.  If my math checks out, I am currently 48 and six days.

I tried to think back about what I did in my 47th year, and all I came up with was:


I mean, surely I accomplished something this year.  I got to the cabin a few times.  I took Mom to doctors appointments.  I spent time with friends.  I didn't lose a single pound, I didn't get covid.  I donated blood at least once.  I got a few haircuts.  I worked both in the office and from home.  I planned a few special events.  We got a new roof.  I read a few books (YA, mostly because I like the genre).  I read a few magazines.  I did Wordle, Quordle, and Semantle.  I did my daily puzzles on Peak.  I played online Jackbox game night with friends.  I roasted eggplants.  I toasted no marshmallows.  I sent an epic, inadvertent, sweary group text to all of Mom's boyfriends' family.  I did not befriend any crows.  I saw turkeys.  I saw deer.  I saw a huge turtle. I petted dogs.

Watched hockey and football on TV.  Caught a live baseball game. I went all in on Squid Games, Encanto, and Turning Red. Did I go to any theater? Ah, yes - The Prom!  And Price Is Right Live (I came on down).  I saw some live comedy.  No concerts.  Got to hang out with my nephew.  Went tubing down the Harpeth.  Ate a bunch of great breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Oktoberfest!  I took a bunch of dance classes and I can do a paddle roll in tap shoes!  Unloaded/loaded every appliance in my house.  Made a Goodwill run.  Hung out with Piper on the deck. Hung out with Matt on the couch - heck, got a new couch!

But what does that add up to?

A year, I guess.

525,600 minutes, if the musical Rent can be believed.

I'm just not sure that looking back on my 47th year, there's a lot to say.  It was action and inaction packed.  Just depending on when it was.

But right now, I'm exhausted.  I left last week, on my birthday to visit Mom, take her to a few doctor's appointments and to go see her BFF who lives two hours away in Milledgeville.

And then came home.  

We're in the middle of a training class with a lot of good people with a lot of heart - but we're having so many tech issues, I could cry.  Also, just a lot of questions. So many questions.  I feel like I've been pecked to death by ducks some days.   

So, let's hope that I can make 48 super great!

And maybe this is the year I'll finally start my podcast...



Christopher said…
It sounds like it was a pretty eventful year, and going to several live events and not getting COVID is a great thing. And that sweary epic text sounds like a pretty amazing thing.
A year is an awfully long time, as Jonathan Larson reminded us, and it's not possible to pack every minute, but it sounds like 47 was a good one.
I hope it was also a happy birthday and that 48 is good too.