Elementally, My Dear Watson

I had this very basic, but in my opinion, profound thought this morning.

Water is often the best first step for medical issues.

Cuts/scrapes - Wash to avoid infection.

Headache - Drink some water, and take an aspirin.

Dehydrated - Drink some more water.

Cramps - Hot water bottle, hot tea.

Sore throat - Gargle salt water.

Skin or eye irritant - Flush with cool water.

Nausea - Sip ice chips.

Aches and pains - Hot shower.

Fever - Cold shower.

Inflammation/swelling/bruising - Ice.

Sprains and strains - Ice and elevation, where applicable.

Sinus pressure - Steam, hydration.

Upset stomach - Water with sodium bicarbonate.

Exposure to nuclear radiation - Silkwood shower.



Christopher said…
And if you have a cold or even the flu every doctor will tell you, "Get plenty of fluids."
Every fluid we consume is water-based. Unless you're drinking pure grain alcohol which you really shouldn't. Even if you don't have a cold.
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