How to Be

So, like a lot of people, I appreciate a little structure in life.  Namely, I like the idea of some repetition to help as mile markers.

Which is why I love Friday so much.  Granted, today is Thursday.  But here's what I like about Friday:

Wrong Friday, though Dragnet is what started my Dan Aykroyd crush.

There is a News Quiz on a website I frequent - - I don't do all that well on it, but I like to take it as a barometer of how tuned in to world events I am.  I find that if I've listened to NPR that week, I might do a little better - but that's anecdotal.  The News Quiz is added on to my daily AM ritual - Wordle, Spelling Bee, Quordle; then comic strips - Gil Thorp, Mary Worth, Rex Morgan MD, Sally Forth, Nancy, Luann.  

Mid-day on Friday, the Comics Curmudgeon posts its Comments of the Week - I occasionally, like maybe once a year, make the runners-up list, and once in fifteen years of posting, I was the actual comment of the week.  I get some honorable mentions by other readers who publish their side lists.

And then finally, the main event.  At 5PM, one of the local radio stations plays a song called Weekend by a group called Wet Willie.  It's disco-inspo, and it makes me happy.  They play a clip montage of people talking about the weekend, Friday, etc. before they play the song.  I time my Friday work exodus to this musical interlude.

One of the lines that repeats often is "you've got to make the best of life while you're young".  While I am not especially young, I am younger right now than I ever will be again for the rest of my life.  And that's got to be worth something.

So, those are my Friday rituals.  Fairly often, we'll get take-out on a Friday night.  Especially if it's a payday Friday.  It's celebratory.

There are other smaller checkboxes that I fill in throughout the week.

On Wednesdays, the new grocery circulars are out.

I see my therapist every other Thursday.  And the new company survey/quiz on our intranet comes out every Thursday.  I also get one of my important weekly reports every Thursday.

Sundays are the day that PostSecrets publishes.  And that's now my tap dance class day, too

Tap dance is, well, challenging.    

I said the same thing, back in the day,  about Zumba back in the day.  And it was, and I managed.

Anyway, I'll make the best of life while I'm young.

I recommend you do the same.



Christopher said…
How have I missed Wet Willie and "Weekend"? Although it's funny to me that I used to schedule weekend errands so I could listen to "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me", which is really the only news quiz I've ever been any good at.
I've also decided to break up my structure for this week by taking Friday off. It's not a great time to do it since we're approaching the fiscal year end but I need a break. And we all need a long weekend sometimes.