Struggle Bus

Maybe this is indicative of my mental and physical state, maybe it's job-related - it matters not - I get a lot of medical content pushed out on my social media.  Whether drug ads or helpful articles.  I get a lot of weird content pushed out on my feeds.

Yesterday, I read about a condition called idiopathic hypersomnia.  Idiopathic means "no known cause", and hypersomnia means excessive sleepiness.  Basically, these are people who feel compelled to sleep during the day after having had a full night's sleep.  Typically, they first rule out sleep apnea, which fixes it for a lot of folks.  And then, they rule out narcolepsy,  which leaves is with idiopathic hypersomnia.  

I guess that surprises me because I thought craving sleep during the day was normal.  My circadian rhythm really, really craves naps.  Specifically, right around 2PM.  But apparently, now quirks are conditions.   I don't think I'm idiopathically hypersomnious, I think I just like naps. But sleepiness is only part of the human struggle.

And speaking of diagnoses, my mother mentioned to me a few days ago that her eye was bothering her and that if it didn't get better, she'd see her doctor.  I asked if it was a corneal abrasion.  No.  Pink eye, no.  A sty?  No.  She ended up going to the doctor yesterday, and I asked her boyfriend to send a photo.


To me, it's clearly a sty.  Anyway, they put her on an ointment and some antibiotics.  The doctor, who Mom has been seeing for at least 20 years, is wonderful.  He wrote on her discharge paper that she needs to come back in June, "with your daughter".  That will be my sister this time, because she's coming for a visit then.  I'll make the appointment for them.  Yes, I am coming down as well, but not until the weekend - and her doctor doesn't have hours on Fridays.

Meanwhile, we're on the hunt for a new couch.  We have completely different aesthetic tastes, but since it's the den, where he spends most of his time, I'm willing to bend a little.  But not completely.  Leather, ok.  Nail head trim?  Hate it.  Absolutely not.

No me gusta.

So we'll see.  As a first step, Matt dismantled our old couch and it's in the truck, waiting on a dump run.  Run!  Run!!!  But that means we're not sitting too pretty.  He got himself a lawn chair/chaise longue until we refurnish.  I've been on a camping chair, but tonight, I'll bring in a chair from the front room that offers a skosh more comfort.

That's about it, though.  Boring times as we patiently await summer and all the joy therein.

Later, gators.