Oh. Positive!

 I'm donating blood tomorrow for the first time this year.  During the brief low white count scare, I quit donating, because, if I had hyperdoodooitis, I surely didn't want to spread it.

Hyperdoodooitis is a word that my family uses in place of a real disease.  Much like we use the place name of Swababia to indicate a place that isn't real, but is needed to make a point.

So, tomorrow - blood donation.  After that, the world is, indeed, my oyster.  Tomorrow is the Strawberry Jubilee at the Nashville Farmers Market, which basically means that it's the optimal time to buy local strawberries, which, I'm going to tell you, are worth every penny.  They're just so good. But do I have time to can right away?  I have jars, and I have pectin.  I'd need sugar.  Which is cheap.  Relative to everything else in the stores, anyway.

So that's something to consider.

The other activity we seem to have on the books for this weekend is sofa shopping.  We finally decided it's time.  Now, me - I'd like to not go crazy, and maybe spend about $600.  Mostly because I like the idea of not treating a piece of furniture we're going to use every day with kid gloves from now until forever.  I like something that we can abuse until it dies, then start over.

Like, this couch.  Exactly this couch.

But the mister wants a supernice couch with whistles and bells.  Me, I think the fewer of those the better.

Our sense of style have always clashed somewhat.  We're there now.

Maybe after I give blood, I'll be woozy and therefore a little more agreeable.

We'll see.

I have some clothes coming... eventually - nothing I was desperate for, but still nice to have.

I also need to determine whether I could/should/will get a new bathing suit, or separate pieces for the summer.  I am a little tired of what I have, but since it's all separates, I could start with new bottoms and go from there. 

Again.  The world?  My oyster.

To that end, I would love some oysters.  And a beach trip to go with them.

And to find a long strand of baroque pearls in one of the oysters.

It's important to know what you want in case someone asks.