Celebrate Good Times? Come On!

So Sunday was Easter, and we're also smack dab in the middle of Ramadan and Passover.  But to hear people talk, it's Easter or GTFO.  And I get that.  Easter has chocolate.  Passover has matzoh, which has many merits, but is not chocolate.  And Ramadan has day-long fasting, which makes me want to eat some chocolate-covered matzoh, stat.

We celebrated, sort of, in the only way I know how.  Dessert.  I made some coconut/pineapple cupcakes and they were not good.  My coconut cakes are legendarily good - they're just box yellow cake infused with a can of Coco-Lopez and a can of sweetened condensed milk. Iced with Cool Whip and flaked coconut.   It's hard to go wrong with that much sugar.

The pineapple makes it weird, and the cake, made from a Duncan Hines limited edition Dolly Parton collaboration mix - coconut.  They were fine, but not really. 

I also posted a joke on Facebook about my Easter basket - a shopping cart at Walmart with new bed pillows. They sleep well, so I can't complain.  Also, they smell clean and good and new.

I have done my fair share of making Easter baskets, making fancy, festive dinners.  This year, I kind of just... didn't.  We grilled some burgers, and I joked about buying myself a chocolate bunny on sale this week.  Or Peeps.  Whatever.  I'm probably not joking.  I'm not.  There are some Peeps in the trunk of my car.  Or, if it gets warm enough today, there is one giant mutant PEEEEEEP in my car.

Meanwhile, we're in that transition period where I am sick of my winter clothes, and if I wear them to the office, I broil.  But my summer gear isn't enough coverage.  It's not life threatening - just annoying, and I need to get it together.

Work is good - I'm settling into some new projects - and they're going slowly, but well.  I need to get faster, but I am hoping that comes with time.  It's interesting because I am talking to people all day, and I really enjoy that.  But it's exhausting because, well...people.  All day.

That is one reason I've gone quiet on the old blogaroo - because I'm talked and typed out.  The whole Mom situation is starting to require more time, too.  Between medical (mostly me) and financial (mostly my sister), it's a whole job.  And we're just starting.  It's going to get jobbier...eventually.

But that's why I've been around less.  Once I get caught up on sleep, you know, in May or June, I'll be bloggier.  That is my promise to you.



Christopher said…
For Iranians the end of Ramadan seems to sometimes fall right before Nowruz, their new year's celebration, although the two aren't connected in any way. But I understand Nowruz is a major party event which helps make up for the fasting.
Anyway I hope things with your mother get better and that you just get some much-needed rest. It would be nice to take a long nap and wake up when it's warm enough for the summer clothes.