Last week, I rolled my ankle and fell down at the house.  Thankfully, I'm not worse for the wear, though the ankle in question did bruise up and get big for a little bit.  It's still a little discolored, but it's fine, I'm fine - it's all fine.

Now, same foot has, I believe, a splinter, sliver, or shard in it - some foreign body that is not quite big enough to see with the naked eye, or in my case, even the bespectacled eye.  And these days, if I'm looking at anything close up, the eye needs to be assisted.

Due to the size, the angle, location in the foot, and the fact that I'm not a supple contortionist, it's hard for me to determine what's in there, if anything.  It may be a tiny cut that just hurts.  Or whatever.  What I know is, tonight, I have to figure it out because I need to be completely operational  ASAP.

Matt is out of town, or I'd have him perform the object-ectomy.  Although, he's back in the morning, so maybe then.  It's good to have a pseudo-surgeon in your household.

So, great news - our roof is complete.  It is gorgeous, and we're expecting torrential rain this evening, giving me ample opportunity to see if it keeps the house drip-free.  We had a great experience, so if you're local and need roof work done - Premier Roofing - I give them five stars, and a lot of thanks.

I am going to see my sister and mother this coming week - a little mini spring break, which ought to be fun.  I'll see some friends, which is always good.  Basically, should be a fun week.  I am working for a few of the days, but they can go places while I bring home the bacon, and maybe they can bring home lunch.  It's a win/win.

To that end, the bacon-bringing these days is good - I have a lot of new tasks getting handed to me - and we're getting back into busy again.  I don't think my life at work will ever be life it was pre-covid, and I'm making peace with that.  

Now, I just a larger squad so that I can have #squadgoals.  I'm working on it.  It's a work in progress.  Like everything.  I am going to, sadly, miss a brunch party while visiting my mother and sister, but on the other hand, we're going to celebrate Mom's birthday while we're there, so - there's that.  There is some question regarding the cake.  Apparently, Mom's new favorite is a black forest cake, which is fine, though I think she's newly loyal to it for the sake of the boyfriend and his family, as they're super fond of it.

In the years I've known her, she's a Rhodes bakery caramel cake lover, and, can I be honest?  That's a slam dunk of a cake.  I just prefer cakes without a lot of booze in them.  My ideal birthday cake is a Publix cake, yellow, with chocolate icing.  In fact, I could get a sheet cake right now and demolish it.  Now, would I?  No.  Also, not my birthday.  But it is hers, and I want to make sure she gets what she likes, and not just bend to the whims of others.

It might also be about more than cake.  Tomorrow marks eight years since Dad died, and of course, that's on my mind.  I need to think about how I intend to mark the day.  Probably by coming into work, doing my best, and maybe feeding the birds at the house.

But, failing that - there's cake.

I miss him.  I'm well past the debilitating grief, but I think there are days that will be hard.  Dates of birth and death, father's day, and the occasional just plain old "bad day".  

But some distance from the actual event is good.  It gives perspective.  And who doesn't love perspective?

It'll blow your mind!