Soulless Train

I like to dance.  I'm also a terrible dancer, but I don't let that stop me.  I can't do choreography very well, as evidenced by the many Zumba classes I took in the aughts and teens. But there is something about moving to music that is joyful.  Even if it's clumsy.

And as you know, I need to get more exercise, so I have started looking to see if there are classes I could take.  Namely, tap dancing.  Yes, yes,  I know a woman my age/size/level of skill in a pair of tap shoes kick-ball-changing her overworked heart out sounds ridiculous.  It probably looks even more ridiculous.  I get it.  But let's be honest - tap is way more "me" than ballet.  I am not a ballerina.  Once, for a play, I wore one of my sister's old ballet costumes (with some other accoutrements) to play one of the ghosts in a modernized-ish telling of A Christmas Carol - that's a really, really long story.  We had some production delays, namely, our director quit, and we ended up rewriting the show and putting it on for Valentine's Day.  I was a Freshman.  Anyhoo, I have worn a tutu, it's no big deal - but I don't have the long, willowy limbs of a ballerina.  Also, I find it kind of dull until you get en pointe - and at age 47, with mumble, mumble pounds to lose, I think that's inadvisable. 

Jazz might be fine.  I took a Modern Dance class in college to satisfy a Phys. Ed. requirement.  It was, at best, amusing.  Mostly, it was annoying.  But that is neither here nor there.  I have been to dance at Play, which is the main dance club here in Nashville, which is to say, a non Boot-Scootin' dance club.  Hell, I don't know - maybe there are other places to go - but I just need a flat surface and some decent music.  Truth be told, Play is all techno, and I'm too old to be there.  It's an 18 and up club.     I am old enough to be the mother for a few of the kids there.  

Anyway, I like Zumba, but it's tough to get a class in that isn't at a Y, or at a weird or inconvenient hour.  That's always a challenge.  So I think that once the April - June classes open up, I'll get to getting.

In the interim, I'm trying to invest in some better eating habits.  I'd love to tell you it's going well.  I'd love to tell you that.  Once I can get to the market and get the things I need, I feel like we'll be in good shape.  I have some ideas, some plans.  

Sometimes, you just need to fall apart so that you can pull it together.  

It actually feels like the falling apart has slowed down - Mom seems to be doing well, the roof is getting replaced this month.  Piper should get a clean bill of health at the vet tomorrow, I enjoy my all I need is a little joy, a little socialization and some movement.

Let's dance!