Dodge Bull (et)

So, I had my follow-up yesterday with the doctor from last week.  And here's the good news - it's ALL good news!

So, none of my results indicate that I have Metabolic Syndrome.  I do have some markers that show I have a slight deficiency in the antibodies that fight upper respiratory/sinus/ear infections.  This tracks.  There's basically nothing I can do, either medically or life-stylishly to fix it - it's just an awareness. 

But, of course, I am about three steps away from the edge of a cliff, and I need to back away, rather than playing chicken with the edge of said cliff.  I'm going to clean up my diet, I need to get exercise.  To that end, I've been about a week without sweets and I am coping nicely.  I am eating a lot of fiber, lots of lean protein, and I'm doing just fine.  It's good to have a little control over it, honestly.

I also fell on my sword and apologized for being a bitch on my last visit.  She said she didn't think I had been, and that she appreciated my candor and learned a lot from listening to me.  I believe she's sincere, but I am glad I apologized anyway.

It would be better if I could just not be a bitch in the first place, but here we are.

For what it's worth, I have a few doctor's appointments coming up, and I'm also going to Atlanta for a few days.  I'll work from Mom's house for part of it, but I'm also going to be hanging out with her, and my sister and doing some fun things in the evenings.  I always start to feel a little overwhelmed when my calendar gets like that, but in reality, my calendar isn't that full.  It's just that after two years (nearly to the day) of not having anything on the calendar, the little things start to add up in a big way.

The new roof should go on next week.  Once that's done, we're going to take a look at furniture.  We desperately need a new mattress and box springs.  We also desperately need a new sofa.  I think we might make a major purchase of both at the same place, especially if they do the whole 87 months, no interest - pay it off in three months, and I'm sitting and lying pretty.  

I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to actual adulthood.  Just in time to get old.  I mean, I don't feel old.  Yes, I look old, but what can you do?  I mean, yeah, botox, hair dye, diet, exercise, and Spanx.  But for someone who has no time for all that - I look pretty darn OK.

And I feel like a got a reprieve.  I just need to do the right thing with it.


Christopher said…
You're good enough, you're smart enough, and, gosh-darnit, people really do like you. Yes, I know Stuart was a satirical character, but I always thought that affirmation was meant sincerely. At least I mean it that way.
Anyway it's good to get a reprieve, and there are advantages to adulthood. At a certain point you start to focus on the things that really matter--your health, a good deal on new furniture--and let the rest take care of itself. And the botox and Spanx are there if you want 'em.