So Far, No Good

Welcome to 2022. We're firmly into the new year, and so far... I guess I am not really a fan. 

I should say that my trip to Atlanta went well, and then I got home, and learned I had been exposed to someone who tested positive for covid.  So two home tests and one PCR later, I am negative.  Woot.

Then came the polar eclipse of the heart. We got six inches of snow in a day. I was training all week, from home, because of the possibility of being cootie-bearing.  So I didn't enjoy it much, nor did I get the full benefit of my husband being home for two days.  I did make some super ugly bread.

Last night, I had a fun game night with friends - online, of course.  I also learned that my headlights weren't working.  More on that in a minute.

This morning, it started raining. The husband did some checking and it turns out, both bulbs were out. Which tracks - my high beams were fine, fog lights were fine, all fuses and relays were A-OK. 

So, quick trip to O'Reilly's, stop for coffee, spill some hot  coffee on left breast, home. He fixes the headlight, then comes in and notices our roof is leaking into our front room. Goes into the attic and finds the offending spot - which is good. 

So tomorrow I will call our roof guys - they arent the ones who installed it, but the ones who fixed our last issue, and hope they can come out to see us soon.  I am training again all this coming week, and then things will, maybe, settle down.

All of this is stressful. I also have just free-floating anxiety that is weighing me way, way down. 

So, no - not a fan of 2022 so far.

But I've got to admit it's getting better. A little better all the time.