I had dreams last night that were awful.  So bad.  I can't even get into it because they were so disturbing.  I have to assume that my brain just needed to get rid of some dark, dark garbage.

That said, I suspect that I will be taking some serious meds tonight to get some sleep.  Because I am exhausted.  

I went to Atlanta for the weekend.  I took my mother to see her BFF down in Milledgeville which was great.  Her husband and I have gotten to be pretty good pals, and she also has two sweet dogs.  So it was a pretty great day.  Mom had fun, I had fun, pretty sure the friends and her dogs had fun.

But that was four hours on the road Friday, another four (divided) on Saturday, and then I made a roast for Mom, her boyfriend and their neighbor Sunday.  The Monday, we had a doctor appointment, then I drove home for four hours.

And then, I came back to some sturm und drang, corporate style.  They are enforcing the Federal Employees Vaccine mandate.  I'm good to go - I've got it on lock - my certificate is in, I'm good to go - we have about 30% in our world who have not done it yet, and a percentage of those likely won't.  So, we might lose some of them.

It's nerve wracking.  We'll see what happens within the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, I am having some back pain.  Lower back, probably from all the driving - but yeah, back probs.  

Anyway, that's possibly the cause of the exhaustion.  I'll for sure take a swig of NyQuil - not just because I want to sleep, but I also really need to kill some sinus congestion.   Ah, fall!

I don't know - I am glad that the weekend went well - even though we're basically halfway to the next weekend.  Where I'll be donating blood and having brunch.  I also really need to consider when and how I'm going to get jelly made.  My small but fierce fanbase demands it.

Also, what is up with my back.  Am I about to pass a kidney stone?  Is it shingles?  Or did I just pull a muscle?

I tend to overthink things.  I bet it's muscle strain.

Pure and simple.



Christopher said…
I hope it is just a muscle strain and that the NyQuil helped. I'm also gonna go ahead and steal Denis Leary's line about how the label on NyQuil says "May cause drowsiness" when it should say "Don't make plans!"