Seven Year Itch

The spring and fall are especial tough on Nashvillagers who have allergies.  I have a mild version - basically, my sinuses have been a mess for awhile - getting the tonsils and adenoids removed helped.

Right, now, though - my main concern is the dog (who is seven, hence the title).  She managed to chew herself a pretty decent hot spot this morning.  I medicated her as much as I could, then today at lunch, got her some spray med to hopefully help heal her up and make her more comfortable.


In Lola's case, she had to wear a cone pretty much full time after she moved up to Nashville.  Poor thing.  I really don't want the same for Piper.

Here's hoping.  To be fair, Lola had allergies before we moved here, so it only got worse.

Dogs are worrisome because they can't tell you what's wrong, or why, or where it hurts or what would make it feel better.  Sort of like children, but sweeter.

Last night was Halloween, and the night before that, we went to my husband's home town, because his cousins were throwing a party.  My costume failed miserably - the face makeup was way, way wrong (in every sense)  and nobody knew what I was, and so, let's just move on.

I am going to Atlanta to see my Mom at the end of this week.  I'll leave Friday after work.  Saturday morning, we are driving to see her childhood BFF in Milledgeville.  Looking forward to some time with Mom, time with her friend, time with her friend's husband.  It should be a good day.

Sunday is... well, it's just Sunday.  I'm going to feed Mom, and probably her boyfriend and our friend David, who is visiting from France.

And then Monday, she sees the doctor at 10AM, then I feed her lunch and I go home.

Honestly, if I can get past all that, this time next week I'll be back home and have a few weeks to prepare myself for Thanksgiving.  We are going to have to head back early after Thanksgiving so that we can meet up with the same cousins from the Halloween party.  They have decided to come celebrate my sister-in-law and one of the other cousins' birthdays in Music City.  They asked me to help plan at least one outing - I need to make some calls for that!

Nothing like living in the moment, right?

To that end, I have been trying to find myself a great little advent calendar for December.  No luck yet.  I think I might just have to let it go.  Truthfully, I have enough stuff.  Maybe I should do a reverse advent calendar.  Collect 24 days of donations to go to the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Drop it off.  A little holiday mitzvah.

That actually seems like it's more in the spirit of things, doesn't it.  Well, there you are.  Settled.

I am starting another weight loss challenge with friends this evening.  We did one over the summer, but life got in the way for all of us.  Personally, all the sugar got, and continues to get, in my way.  Anyway - not going to dwell on the past, or predict the future - I'm just going to be here, now.

And here and now, I'm going to end this post.

Later, gators.