That's Good, Bad, and Mediocre...

I got home Friday afternoon and Matt had The Rocky Horror Picture Show on.  I've seen it a lot on video, never live and in person at a theatre.  Maybe some day.  Who am I kidding - it'll be a long time before  I feel like going back into a movie theatre, let alone one where people are thrusting pelvises and throwing projectiles.  Thanks, Covid!

I have to say, the movie is almost as good as I remember it - but it doesn't completely hold up in the way Airplane does.  At least, not to me.  I like my humor broad, and my plots simple.  But do I love Susan Sarandon.  Even after what she did to my celebrity love interest, Tim Robbins.

And as it happens, I can still do the Time Warp, again.

Over the weekend, I locked down my plans for Christmas.  It goes against everything in my personal credo to plan Christmas before I've knocked back a slice of my birthday cake.  I turn 47 later this week.  But I understand that flights have to be booked early.  The upshot is that my sister and I are going to be visiting my mother starting on 12/26 through the 29th.  This works for us both in that we get to wake up in our own homes, in comfort, on Christmas morning.

For me, I get to spend Christmas with my dog.  And let's face it - it's not really Christmas if you don't get to pet your dog a bunch.  It's also easier to spend time with family when there are more people there.  I feel pretty good about the plan.  But for the record, I still think Christmas should not come up for discussion until after Halloween (or at least, wait until after October 27th, please).

This year has been a blur. But a long blur.  Does that make sense? 

So, I heard some good, and seasonally relevant news over the weekend - Eric Barone, the guy who created Stardew Valley, my video game obsession, is developing a new game.  I get the feeling that it's going to be fairly similar in tone and concept to SV - it's called, The Haunted Chocolatier.  It'll probably be a few years, but still - it's nice to have something to look way, way forward to.

It's the little things. 

Please, please release me.  Let me go!

There's something appealing about a world outside the one you're currently in.  I think that's why I love to read - because sometimes, you just need to escape your current place in time, and follow someone else's story.

Not that my story isn't infinitely fascinating - it's just that the lack of external stimuli over the past two years has made things a little quiet.

People.  I miss people.  We're going to a Halloween party on Saturday, and even though I'm a little worried about other people's vax statuses, it will be nice to see people.  Granted, a bunch of them I won't know.  But in a way, that's fine - they haven't heard all my stories.  So I'll be delightful!

I kid, I kid.  I'm looking forward to being with people.  And good food, and costumes, and festivity.

I know, I sound like a real hoot.

Look, let me go adjust my attitude.  I'll be back when I can behave a little better.



Christopher said…
October is the one time of the year I allow myself to talk about Rocky Horror because if I didn't limit myself I'd never shut up about it. But the last few times I went it was...different. When I went in my youth there was a sense of community in the audience participation, but the last times it was just chaos with people screaming different things over each other.
And I hope you do enjoy the Halloween party. And your birthday!