Cabbages and Kings

I finally managed to get my annual flu shot - went to a well-run Walgreen's (which is to say, not the one nearest my house) and took the plunge.  Into the arm.  I it went fine, but I had a welt on my arm at the site.  It was hot and itchy for two days - that's not normal for me, but I'd hardly call it a bad reaction.  

We had planned to go see Lewis Black at the Polk Theatre this past weekend, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he canceled.  He finally posted on his website that he had basically run himself into the ground with his tour schedule and had gotten sick - not covid, he was very specific about that.  It's all good. 

Today I have prepared for a visit from the security alarm people who need to do an upgrade on our receiver. Or something - I don't know why they're coming, but I also don't actually care.  I have verified it's really them and they really need to be there.

Speaking of security alarms, I have yelled myself awake twice in the past week.  The first time, I dreamed that I was in a car crash and let out a yell at the moment of impact.  That wasn't very loud.  The second time, last night, I was in my childhood home, and an alarm was going off.  In the dream, my mother asked what the noise was, and I told her it was a security alarm.  She couldn't hear me over the alarm and asked again, so yelled, "It's a SECURITY ALARM!"  I woke up, I woke Matt up, I woke the dog up.  We all went back to sleep, but apparently being woken up to someone screaming "SECURITY ALARM!" is, well, alarming.

I've talked in my sleep for years, and woken myself up talking in my sleep.  The progression from that to laughing and yelling is, one can only assume, to be expected.   I haven't woken myself up laughing on awhile - I should strive for that.

Last night, I went to a party - one of the first in awhile.  My friend Paige held her (mostly) Annual Soup Swap.  It's pretty brilliant.  We all bring a pot of soup, we sample soups, we pack the rest up and leave with other soup,  I made a sweet and sour cabbage soup based on a recipe from Noshville.  It went over well.  I also met some really nice and entertaining people.

I clearly need people.  It was good to get out and have some fun.

The upcoming week should be pretty straight forward. And that's fine.  I'm glad that I have a few weeks in Nashville without much in terms of obligations.  I'm really tired.  I think summer has finally caught up to me.  And in terms of weather, fall appears to be slowly creeping in.  And it's about damn time!



Christopher said…
Back in, I think, 2006 I went to see Lewis Black downtown. He was brilliant. He said something about Congress refusing to raise the minimum wage and a guy in the audience yelled, "But they voted to raise their own goddamn salaries!" Black stopped and told everyone to get quiet and asked the guy to repeat it. He did and Black said, "I heard you the first time. I just love hearing the word 'goddamn' said with a Southern accent."
Anyway the soup swap sounds brilliant.