I was...

We are back in the office more or less as much as we'll be from this point forward.  That is to say, the small subset of those who are working in the office are here, thrice weekly or so.  Come September, we'll be in the office on a more regular schedule.  Allegedly.  I am still wondering if the Delta Variant will keep us apart for awhile.

Am I the only person who hears Delta Variant and thinks this?

It's interesting.  On my side of the office, any given day, there are as many as four of us, and as few as zero - but more often than not, it's just me.  And that's OK.  But I do miss people.  I miss the esprit de corps.

More than that, I miss the clothing brand, Esprit.  They used to be the first, middle, and last name of fashion.

I wore an Esprit cocktail dress to a fancy 8th Grade Christmas dance:

Not the exact one shown here - mine was a size L.  Or  maybe even XL.  Whatever. 

It was a bit much, but then, so am I.  It really offset my gleaming silver braces.    My other favorite Esprit dress, also 8th grade, was a navy blue, dropped waist mini dress in navy with tiny white stars.  It probably looked better on me.  I loved that dress. Loved.  Can't find a photo online.

Look, I'm not going to feed you a line about how great fashion of the 80s and 90s was - I have plenty of photos to prove otherwise.  But I had some cute dresses.  I dressed cute in general.  Mostly. 

Not really the point I came here to make, but an interesting side tangent.  I was thinking last night about all the dresses I went to UGA with to wear for Rush.  So many cute dresses.  Thankfully, that was back when you could go to Lord and Taylor at Phipps Plaza and find things and there were sales a go-go.  That December, I went back to Phipps Plaza, to the same Lord and Taylor.  It was after Christmas, and I needed a dress for my sorority's winter formal.  I bought a stunner of a full length, green velvet gown for about $30.  The next year, a short, flirty, strapless royal blue number, and my junior year, a two piece dress/duster in red.  I loved my dresses.  My dates were all nightmares.  Oh well.

Back to my original point - I miss people.  We're still dealing with the fallout from Covid, so it's not really safe to be around lots of people - and even if it were safe, I don't know that it's crowds I'm craving.  

I'd just like some cute dresses and somewhere to wear them.

You know - the dream.

That's all I've got...