I managed to pick up a summer cold somewhere over the past week.  No surprise - lack of rest, increased stress, exposure to people for the first time in forever. I'm on the tail end of it, but I have been remarkably fluid, so to speak.

I'm such a weakling where personal discomfort is concerned.  I once posited that I wouldn't last long in a Zombie Apocalypse because a scratchy clothing tag or lack pillows would derail me.  Today, it's a one sided sinus headache - a Phantom of the Opera mask of pain.  In the past week, a tag in one of my dresses, and a sharp spot on my badge lanyard threatened to take me out of commission.

So much for being a steel magnolia.  I'm one of those massive tissue paper flowers you used to see in the 70s:

It's weird what vintage memories life coughs up from time to time, isn't it?

I am back in Atlanta.  I was not supposed to be for another five days or so, but the best laid plans went aft a'gley.  Like, seriously aft.  My sister spent her time here chasing down leads, wrangling phone calls and the like.  Frankly, it's a full-time job, and we both already have those, plus families, lives and so on.  But it's always good to see her, and that made things a little easier for me.

And I got to do a few days in office this week - got to see a friend who works in facilities who I just love - he's one of those people I'd hire if I ever owned a company.  He's just very positive and friendly. Anyway, he and his girlfriend had a cute baby during the pandemic, and I was stoked to find out, see photos and video of the little guy.

I have booked myself a massage for the weekend, and really for two reasons.  One because my knots have knots, and I am going to engage in some serious self care. But second, and this is the big one, I am doing it to see how my Mom does with a few hours to herself.  I suspect she will get along just fine, but this is a low-stakes test to see how she's doing.  Sometimes, you have to let your parents test their boundaries.  Isn't that magnanimous of me, to sacrifice time and cash to give my mother the experience and practice she needs?

Yeah.  Anyway.  I've literally been writing and editing this post since last weekend.  Time to hit publish.



Christopher said…
I hope the massage went well and that your mother's doing fine. At a certain point we become our parents' keepers, or at least we do the best we can.