Without going into too much HIPAA violation territory, my mother is dealing with some health issues - they are in the acute phase, but should settle into a chronic mode here soon - with patches of acute here and there.  What that means for me is, I'm going to see her more frequently, and I am also her concierge; balancing doctor's visits, medications, equipment/the opinions of friends and loved ones; making sure she eats; making sure she's not taking some weird Chinese cough syrup (she totally is); trying to get her a different doctor in the same practice because the first one is, well, bitchy; making sure that she's got the best possible insurance coverage; educating myself and others...all while still holding a full time job, and a reasonably interesting social calendar.  

One of my other major tasks at the moment is obtaining and transporting a new refrigerator to our family's cabin.  None of the major retailers will deliver to our remote locale - the closest they'll get is where the paved road and ends and the gravel road starts - well, there's still a few miles of hard road to get up to the cabin, and it's not like we can pop the fridge into my trunk and make our way.  If that were the case, why have it delivered at all?  Add to that, inventory these days is unreliable thanks to Covid, and we don't need a super deluxe enormo fridge - we need a small, sturdy and cold vessel to get us through a decade or two. And in "working" with Home Depot (working is used ironically, here), they won't let you ship to store and then hold on to your order (which you paid for) for more than a week.  Whatever. Let's see what Lowe's has to say.

So, we have a few plans, but they're all extremely time sensitive and based on an extremely narrow window in which we have to get everything done.                                                                                     

I hate to get all "back in my day..." about it - but what is it with absolute crap customer service?  I mean, really!

Basically, I feel like I am wearing a backpack and people keep asking to put more in it.  I'd get a massage, but honestly - it's harder to get a massage than it is a small refrigerator.  Weird, huh?

Anyway, my sister sent me a neck and back yoga video to watch.  While I haven't followed along yet, I do find the instructor's voice pretty soothing.

I'm meeting my friend Jim for our first restaurant based meal in over a year - which, here's the fun part - we've chosen a mutual guilty pleasure - Cracker Barrel.  Ok, granted - it's not fancy, but you can get vegetables there, and some of the entrees aren't that bad for you.  Some are, of course.  Personally, I'm just in it for the shopping and some good company.  And a biscuit or two.

And a few hours not thinking about parents, refrigerators, and other things I'm responsible for. 


Christopher said…
Cracker Barrel is one of the better guilty pleasures. When I was a kid it seemed like we went there all the time and I always got the same thing: chicken and dumplings with corn and carrots. I like to think the vegetables helped cancel out whatever was bad in the dumplings. Well, the carrots at least might have helped. But they call it comfort food for a reason.