Dog Daze

This is my final week of FT work from home.  Starting next Tuesday, I head into the office for three days a week.  While I am overjoyed to be back among the living, I'm also feeling a little anxious about being away from Piper.

Honestly, my anxiety is just through the roof these days anyway.  I'm juggling job, home life, Mom stuff, cabin stuff, and a variety of loose ends that all need to be tied into a pretty little bow, put in a box, and thrown in a pond for some gnarly catfish to feast on.

Which is possible because catfish will eat anything - they're like freshwater goats.

I have eaten goat, it's fine.  I won't eat catfish because I don't care for the taste. I won't eat goat again because I made friends with some goats.  I really need to quit meat totally, maybe some day.

Me and my caprine pal. For loving, not eating.

Anyway, the anxiety.  One of the biggest issues is customer support.  I have been doing battle, alternately with Spectrum and ATT because my mother opted to switch providers, and wants to keep a land line - I question this, because the only people who call her are people trying to scam her or who want donations (which is kind of scammy, too).  I have her cell, anyone who knows and loves her has a cell for her.  That's enough, right?  Apparently not.  So I've been trying for over a week now to get Spectrum to surrender her number to ATT, and for ATT to pick up the damn number and port it.  I've made literally dozens of these calls to try and get this to happen.  On top of all the other things I'm working on - like, getting a refrigerator to the cabin, planning the annual 4th of July party at the cabin, calling doctors to request things, ask questions, get balls rolling.

I am stressed the hell out.

The last time I felt this stressed, my hair was falling out.  Like, I'd shower and it would look like a small terrier was at the bottom of the tub.  I need to have that not happen.  Not now, not ever.

Anyway, speaking of small terriers - well, Piper is more mid-size.  She's an economy sedan of terriers.  But speaking of Piper, I need to get a good photo of her for my desk at work.  I have older ones.  I need something reminiscent of our Covid experience.  I may have taken a few dozen...I just need to find one that speaks to me.  

It's been a good experience, and I'm curious to see what being back in the office feels like.  Quiet, would be my guess.

Well, friends.  I'm going to take a break until after the 4th - at which point, I'll have stories and maybe even some photos.  

Hang in, out, and on.



Christopher said…
For some weird reason we still have a landline and probably should get rid of it because the calls we get are scams, except for the other night when for some reason my sister-in-law, who has both our cell numbers, called the landline. Also I get a lot of scam calls on my cell. Anyway I understand the difficulties of finding just the right dog picture for your work desk. The one thing I miss about old computer monitors is screen savers. I had a screen saver of dog pictures I'd taken and it was always nice to come back to a random picture of one of our dogs after stepping away.