Blogging the Boggling

Last Thursday, I had a huge looming deadline at work moved, and I am relieved.  I would have hit the deadline, but now I have a little extra time, which means I am not gasping for air like I was much of last week.

I don't handle stress well, it would appear.  

Over the weekend, I went on a canoe trip with some friends.  We have been doing this group trip for fifteen years, minus last year due to Covid.

Can we all agree that 2020 just didn't really count?  Anyway...

I kind of dread, but mostly enjoy these trips.  The dread comes from my inability to balance.  I managed to overturn our vessel thrice before lunch.  After lunch, I decided that I needed to be sitting in the hull of the canoe and not on the seat top.  That made all the difference - we remained upright for the balance of the trip.

But in capsizing three times, I managed to bruise the shit out of myself on the left haunch and leg,  I look like an overripe banana.  On the plus side, I was so well prepared for sun that I didn't burn in the slightest.  

It's not how much you fall over, it's how much you get up.  You want an equal number.  My husband would have wanted that number to be zero, but he knew what he was getting into when we got married.

Sunday, as you may know, was Father's Day.  It's a tough day for me, and has been for the past seven years.  I do take comfort in offering comfort to those who are celebrating their first fatherless Father's Day.  Not in a schadenfreud-y way, but - "Yes, it sucks, and yes it gets a little easier, but it sucks".  The suck within me honors the suck within you.

Next up on the holiday docket is 4th of July - this weekend, I have some work to do!  We're going to Atlanta early, because we have the cabin fridge issue under control, I hope.  And also because I am taking my mother to a doctor's appointment - this is the new normal. It's new.  And normal.

I realize it's been awhile, but I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

Yeah, yeah, ooh yeaaaah.