Baby back, ribs.

Great news!!! Just as mysteriously as they were removed, my blog posts were reinstated by the powers that be at - no idea how any of it happened, but all's well that ends.  

I am getting the word that we'll start getting back to office life in July.  But we also just stopped wearing masks, and Nashville has issued a "back to normal" memorandum, so downtown is mobbed.  I am waiting for a huge spike in the next week or two.  If I'm wrong, excellent - but I don't count on it. 

Meanwhile - I had a very social weekend - I had brunch with a friend, and we drank a pitcher of mimosas.  I've had more to drink in the past month than I did in the entire year prior.  I do love a good brunch.  This was no exception.

Later that day, I had dinner with Jim, and we logged into a virtual game night.  I'm good at trivia, not so much at drawing.  But we all laughed a lot and got caught up.

Sunday, I caught up on sleep and housework - both critically necessary to my well-being.  I also ordered a pizza for dinner.  I want to state, for the record, Domino's Thin Crust is underrated - it's really quite good.  Matt prefers Papa John's for chain pizza, but I am team Domino's all the way.  I should state, he is traveling for work at the moment, which is why I had the time to do everything I did.  And why I ordered Domino's.  That said, I also tried their Cheeseburger pizza, and the ketchup/mustard sauce used is a little off-putting.

Truthfully, I could still use another eight hours of sleep.  I won't get it - but I could use it.

The Preds started their run for the Stanley Cup last night, with a loss to the Carolina Hurricanes.  It should be interesting.  They are a complete underdog.  And the last time that was true it was their best showing yet.  So, I don't know - I'm cautiously pessimistic.  Ha!

I found myself bingeing a new show - there are only seven episodes in the whole season, and I've seen the five that are released.  There's a new one tonight - I'll be all over it.  The show is called Cruel Summer, and it chronicles the events occurring the summers of 1993, 1994, and 1995 for some teens in a Texas town.  The prettiest girl in high school goes missing, and when she returns, she finds that a less popular girl has taken over her life.  Boyfriends, friends, even her "look".  It's a mystery of sorts, and we don't know who is lying.  But everyone has something to hide, and it's been fascinating.  The time jumps are an interesting convention, and of course, I came of age right around that same time, so I relate a little to the music, clothes and technology.


Think Mean Girls meets season one of Serial.

So, everything here is good.  The plants are growing, Piper is energetic, my doves are doving, and the house is getting cleaner by the day.

Spring has sprung!