Let's Give It Up for April

Hello, and happy April.

I am looking forward to whatever the month has to offer - so far, it's a bit cold, and otherwise unremarkable.

Although today is finally Friday - I took some time off late last week/early this week to go to Atlanta, see Mom, check on the cabin, visit with a few folks in the neighborhood, and all the things we do.  Timing is, as they say, everything.

It was a good trip.  It was busy - it was crazy busy.  Labs and doctor visits for Mom, lots of driving and cooking for me - we had dinner guests almost every night.  

I am starting to feel like we're on track to get back to some semblance of normal, at least as far as daily activities.  I have had my first shot, but I still mask, isolate, and distance.

But having spent a bunch of time away, I'm a little behind at home.  And at work.  Apparently, time passes at the same rate for everyone.  How unfortunate.  But as a result, we need groceries, and I need to do a ton of laundry,  sweep up mounds of dog hair, pick through lots of email, and prep for several classes while also keeping the training library of help topics in order.

And then, there are a few follow up items from Mom's trip.

I feel, frankly, a little overwhelmed.

My go-to move for such a feeling is sleep.  I would, in most cases, just crawl into bed and knock out for a few hours.  But that's going to have to wait.  I can do a little of that this weekend.  But we need bread, and I need to learn some software so that I can also teach it.

So, maybe a little slippy-sleep this weekend.

It's also Easter weekend, and even those of us who aren't religious cannot resist the siren call of Easter candy.  I bought Peeps, and my husband told me about an adult he knew growing up who ate them and died from diabetes.  I don't believe that the Peeps were the sole cause, but he finds them depressing.  Which is a shame, because I find them delightful - like eating a little dollop of sunlight.  To each his/her own.

I didn't like the way they were looking at me, so I ate them.

Back in the day (tm), I used to make a coconut cake for work.  The easy Coco Lopez poke cake -  Google it, should you want.  The cake itself was a breeze, and I used to delight in decorating it with chicks, jelly beans, and because he works on automotive how-to shows, Matchbox cars.   Or Hot Wheels - I'm sort of indiscriminate where they are concerned.  Suffice it to say, no cake this year.  Boo!

I don't even have any plans for Easter dinner, except that I want it to be fresh, light and a little joyful.  I'm having lunch that day with Jim - whatever we get for lunch should be decadent and carb-loaded.  Eat your feelings - that kind of vibe.

I can't deny that I'm a little in my own head these days.  It's hard not to be.  Piper doesn't talk back - at least, not in English - and I am here by myself quite a bit.

Work is good.  We're staying busy, which I wouldn't have believed, but was borne out by a quarterly report from my boss, showing us how many training requests we filled in Q1.  It was no slouchy number, let me tell you.

And Q2 is looking similar.  

So, you know - like Easter eggs that have been dropped...let's get cracking!