A Gley!

I have spent the past few days in Atlanta with Mom, doing the doctors appointment shuffle - not as much fun as either the Harlem Shuffle or the Super Bowl Shuffle, but we do what we do.

It feels like we're reaching a point where we can slow down and enjoy being outside without worrying that we're about to breathe in a virus that could kill us off.

Which is good, but exhausting.

Also, and file this under TMI, but because I was packing to come down here in a haphazard manner, I forgot to pack my medication.  Now, two or three days of non-compliance is not the end of the world.  I've built up plenty of reserve, but it's still not a great idea. even if it's not the end of the world. 

There's also, the heat (and of course, the humidity).  Like many older people, my mother is more apt to be cold than anything, and that means her house is going to be warmer than I would keep mine.  And, I'm also 46, which means that I may not be in full-blown menopause, but I am definitely prone to overheating at night, and that means the sweats.  

Where am I going with this?  Well, I'll tell you - the last two nights, my dreams have been crazier than crazy.

Night one, I was on a boat ride where the captain kept running us aground, and everyone was barfing...ad nauseum.  See what I did there?  And I was also in a play that was very technical, had a lot of lighting and sound cues, and required all of the performers to wear earpieces - and they all malfunctioned.

Last night - I can't even explain the dream without introducing you to 30 years of personal history and a cast of dozens of people I've known over my life.  The basic plot is that I was at a convention center setting up for an event, and the contracted people who were there to do the work were not able to do the job because the building itself was so compromised.  Things were falling, people were injured, and we were receiving angry phone calls from the participants, and then, all this food kept arriving, but we were told to give it to the people in charge, and not the school kids for whom the event was created. In the middle of it, one of my friends called her husband to come help.  He came over and keeled over, had to be rushed to the hospital, and had heart surgery.  Then later in the dream, he called and was ready to go home from the hospital - that's how LONG the dream went on.

I woke up feeling panicked.

So, I'll gut it out today with the help of my old friend, caffeine - and my other pal, sugar.

Then I'll drive back to Nashville, because adventure awaits!  My sister-in-law is coming to town to see the Picasso exhibit, and we're having brunch, as well!

Make mine Chicken and Waffles.

And don't forget to pack your meds, people.  I cannot recommend that enough.