The Bearable Thiccness of Being

So, allegedly, Davidson County, Tennessee - my place of residence - is going to be moving to group 1c for vaccine eligibility.  This includes residents who are considered high risk due to a health condition like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, pregnancy.

Which means - I'm eligible.  I take medication for hypertension, so my BP is only out of control when they have to take it two, three, five times to be able to hear it.  Seriously, that happens every time at my gynecologist's office (with one nurse, specifically), and it has happened from time to time at the Red Cross.  When they ask, "Is it always this high?"  I respond with, "No, typically only the Xth time you take it."  White Coat Syndrome is real.

Anyway.  The bigger, and more evident reason that I'm eligible in 1c is that I'm obese.  This is not a surprise to anyone who knows me, who has read this blog more than a few times, etc.  I make no bones about not being so bony.  I'm not happy to be obese, and I spend a lot of time thinking about it - how to combat it, how it happened, how much I'd enjoy some brownies right about now.  Yes, I'm obese.  Morbidly, in fact.  

And if it were just me, that would be one thing - but I took Piper to her vet appointment this morning - for her vaccines, to get a refill on her anti-inflammatory drug - and she has put on eight pounds this past year.  I am horrified.  Not all that surprised, but I feel terrible.  It's one thing to damage my own carcass - but to put that on her - unacceptable.  And of course, that only makes her joint pain that much worse. So, you know - Mother of the Year.

The vet and the tech both complimented her on how sweet she is - which is remarkable - she's an asshole to everyone but the people at the vet, the dog washing place, and her boarding kennel.  It's weird.  She just loves institutions.

They also told me they still have her Christmas card hanging up in the office, which brings me a lot of joy - especially during a time where I am a little light on joy.   We're not allowed in with the pets these days, because Covid.  

Anyway - back to the actual topic at hand, which ties it all together.  Will I, should I, get the vaccination now, just because I'm overweight?  

I found out yesterday that someone I know, who had been in the hospital - a friend from my husband's hometown - died from Covid.  And that makes it a lot more concrete, in terms of - oh, yeah - this is real and it can happen.  And it did.  We won't go to the funeral, for a number of reasons, mainly, Covid - but we'll donate to her favorite cause and we've sent her husband and son a card.

I'm not sure what it says about my life that we keep a stash of sympathy cards that I buy en masse at Trader Joe's, and that I need to restock the stash.  I also keep birthday cards, baby cards, thank you cards, congrats cards, and blank cards.  That's my life hack for you - Trader Joe's has great cards, and they're $1 each.  And they're nice quality, good sentiment, great art work.  Stock up!  This has been especially useful in Covid Times.

I found a fun gift for my sister, for her birthday. I also have her birthday card.  See above.  Although, before hers - I have my Mom, nephew and Jim to consider.  Although I have ideas for all of them.  Oh - crap, and Mother's Day.  I think those of us without kids need a holiday to celebrate our lack of reproduction.  You might argue that it's every weekend that we get to sleep in.  Good point.  I do love sleeping in.

Celebrate good times, come on!

I love sleep.  Oh, man, do I love sleep.  I could sleep for a year, wake up and want a nap.  Probably.  I'd also want something to eat.  Soup, maybe.  That aforementioned pan of brownies.

Who wouldn't, though?  Just, honestly.

OK - well, time to marinate some chicken, or something.



Christopher said…
It turns out Losartan, one of the drugs I take for hypertension, might help with treating COVID-19, and I've even heard from some friends in the research community that it could even lower the chances of catching it, although that's still really preliminary. Still it's kind of interesting that a negative condition could have an upside. Even Piper's weight gain, while bad, might prompt y'all to get some exercise together, which would be good.