Says Who?

I read an article about things people wished their 2021 self could go back and tell their 2020 self about the year to come. 

I see ennui, lots of binge watching, and impulse buys...

One year ago today, I left the office.  I was taking Friday March 13th off to go to Atlanta and see Mom.  We were standing around with our CEO, joking about the Zombie Apocalypse.  He'd told his kids if things got bad, they'd have to eat the dogs.  His kids, college-aged, understood that he was joking - I don't want you to think I work with monsters.  I asked if you drink red or white wine with a yellow lab, and what about the black lab?  

As I was getting my keys and bag, my boss' boss pulled me aside and said to grab my laptop and whatever I'd need, because they were going to make the announcement the net day that we would be closing the office for a few weeks. So I got the basics, threw them in my backpack, casually said goodbye to my pals, and I was off on my incredible journey.

If I could go stop that Allison at the door of the office and give her some advice, here's what I'd say

1. Come to the office tomorrow - you'll have one extra day with your people and have more time to pack thoughtfully.

2. I know you have lunch planned Friday with a friend, but both the meal and the friend are disappointing, and then you're left with that as the memory of your last "normal".

3. Keep an eye on your mother, and stay on top of her health.  Write things down.

4. Stopping at that WalMart in South Pittsburg is going to prove to be a solid move.  Kudos to you.

5. Make a space for yourself and set it up day one.  Make it work.

6. This is a great time to start getting rid of things you don't need.

7. Don't worry about your weight gain - focus on not letting Piper gain - and keep an eye on her left leg.

8. This is going to go on longer than you can imagine, so don't fritter away now waiting on later.

9. Pay attention to the stove and try not to break some of your smaller appliances.

10. Find some decent lighting for Zoom and Webex meetings - apparently, you'll be doing a lot of them.

11. You will not regret your decision to wear pants that button.  It's fine to slip in elastic waists sometimes, but the buttons won't lie.

12. Call your sister more often.

13. Call Matt's sister more often.

14. Drink more water.

15. Maybe don't waste several months of your leisure time on Stardew Valley.

16. Read more.  A lot more.

17. Keep up with the news, but don't overdo it.

18. Be patient.

19. Be kind to yourself and others.

20. Start Googling chicken recipes now.

I think that's pretty reasonable, don't you?

That said, I have made it through a year of isolation, masks, hand sanitizer, and change.  Mostly change.

This time next year, I wonder what I'd say to 2021 Allison?

I guess we'll find out then.

Peace out.