This is going to be an interesting week.  Or two.  I'm taking some time off to go to Atlanta and TCB, of sorts.  A few doctors appointments with Mom, work day up in the mountains, a lot of driving.  Probably a lot of cooking.  A lot of a lot of things.

I need find some sort of self-care in the process.  The long drives aren't bad because I get to jam to my favorite music.  There will be good company, and good food - but I could really use some kind of carrot - because at the moment, it feels mostly stick.

True story.  When I was a kid, I invented an imaginary super hero named Super Carrot.  I used to call on SC when we needed to get out of heavy traffic - which, as far as I can tell is the most perilous thing Atlanta had to offer in the mid 70s.  

I am reminded of a joke.  An older woman went to her therapist and asked for advice on spicing up her marriage.  The therapist recommended she come down to breakfast one morning in a sexy costume.  So the woman put an outfit together - boots, spandex, a cape - and the next morning, as her husband is drinking his coffee, she leaps into the kitchen triumphantly and says, "TA DAAAAA!  SUPER PUSSY!"

The husband is silent for a moment then says, "Uh, I'll have the soup."

Tasteless?  Or timeless?  I'm going with the latter.

Speaking of both tastelessness and's a terrible segue - Seven years ago today, Dad died.   In most ways that feels like a lifetime ago, and in theory... it is.  I mean, Piper was born a month and six days after Dad died - we wouldn't meet her until the following January - so hers is a lifetime of not knowing him.  My nephew has gone half his lifetime without Dad. 

Whereas for me, it's about a sixth of my life without him.  But of course, so much has happened.  I left UL and found a job that I freaking love. I got a dog.  We bought a truck. Laura, Tom and Henry moved to Japan, then Cleveland, then Half Moon Bay.  Mom and Jorg started dating.  I've made new friends, gotten through two elections. I found a good therapist. I saw orioles for the first time.  A great horned owl came to the back yard.  We have had a pandemic.  I got vaccinated.

Oh - yeah - that's no small piece of good news.  I got my first shot last week, and I'll get the second one on April 8th.  It's major, and I'm glad it's underway - especially since Krispy Kreme will now give me a free donut every time I show my vaccine card.  Need to get that bad boy laminated after the 8th.

I know that we're still in a pandemic.  I'm not going to go buck wild after I get my second shot.  I haven't been buck wild...ever, really.  I mean, I got half in the bag a few times in college.  Who didn't?  But I'm mostly the mild mannered woman living in a small bungalow in Nashville with her husband and dog.  But then - the freak accident occurred - I ate carrot salad at a picnic - little did I know that the carrots had been grown at the site of a radioactive waste dump.  I began to assume special powers, little by little until finally - every night, I assume my alias, and I become...


I may be on to something here.

Super Carrot reminds you to keep wearing a mask, wash your hands often, and tell people you love them (only if you do).  And avoid nuclear carrots.