Confront to Conback

I don't like confrontation. I am a smoother of rumpled feelings, a dove among vultures. There is always a bright side, always a compromise, and balance is critical to my well being.

So when my balance is disrupted, I tend to handle it poorly.  

Right now, there are a lot of disruptions.  It's not entirely clear how it will play out, but there is a chance I will become a full-time telecommuter - as in, not going back into the office again on a daily basis.  We'll have to see - I've made my case for needing to be in office - dedicated space, lack of interruptions, the fact that I have software that is almost impossible to use if you aren't hardwired into the network at the office.  That may not be enough.  We'll see.  I'll be fine either way, but I think I'd be happiest in an office. I'm old school.

I'm also going to see my mother next week, and I need to get a baseline how she's doing.  I haven't seen her in awhile.  I'm glad she has a boyfriend to look after her, and vice versa, but I know that time is not on either of their sides, and I need to be prepared for whatever is next - or at the very least, I need to be aware that there will be at some point, a whatever is next.  Whatever it is.  Next?

I'm not being totally specific mostly because I don't know how to be.  I know I need to do some research.  I probably should have been a lawyer.  Or a social worker.  Or an heiress.  One of those.  I have a few lawyerly friends in my back pocket - but I respect them too much to go scrounging for free legal advice.  See also:  my veterinarian friends.  It's a good thing I don't have a lot of dermatologists and massage therapists as friends.

I did see my dermatologist last week - she removed a suspicious looking mole  - it turned out, per the biopsy to be neither suspicious, nor a mole.  It was an inflamed seborrheic keratosis.  Meaning a scaly spot that meant no harm.  It's gone though - and good riddance!

While I was there, I got her to dispense with some skin tags that have been plaguing me.  They were all on the bra line, or under my left arm.  No surprise, skin tags are the result of friction.  Two of them have fallen off, there are a few left to do the same.  She froze them with liquid nitrogen.  They hurt for awhile, but now, we're in the home stretch (marks).

Pretty gross, huh? The human body is a miracle - a nasty, complicated, gross miracle.

Tomorrow in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, I will be making sweet and sour cabbage soup.  Yes, it's more of a Hungarian recipe, but you know, cabbage.  Plus, there was a screaming deal on coarse ground 90% lean beef at the store, so - why have brisket when you can save a ton of money and not have brisket?  

I am also making Lucky Charms treats.  Think Rice Krispie treats, but with Lucky Charms - or, to be accurate, the bulk generic version of Lucky Charms.  Starry Talisman Puffs? Fortunate Oat Loops?  Whatever.  I'm making them because I can.  And because I love sugary cereal.

Photo: Erik Bernstein

So yeah - that's pretty well where I am.  We have the great good fortune of warm, sunny weather.  Piper spends as much time outside as I will allow her - meaning, if she doesn't bark like an asshole, she can be out as much as she likes.  And she likes.

It'll be time for sandals and shorts soon.  I can't wait!

Well, let's hope for a nice long temperate spring before we dive headlong into summer.

Later, gators!