Word, y'all.

Sometimes, I pick a color and a word for the year - usually I forget about it somewhere in the March time frame, but here we go again:

Here's the color, or at least, a representation of the color:

The people at Behr paints are calling it Bohemianism.  Me, I think it's a pale lavender-gray.

I wanted a color this year that felt calming and soothing.  I can imagine a spa room in this color. The smell of lavender is incredibly calming as well, so I thought that might be nice.  It's kind of a sad, melancholy color, but the purple injects a little energy into it.  It's the color of twilight and dawn - it signals ends and beginnings.  It's the color of a bruise fading just before it's gone.

My word for the year is care.  Care.  As in, to be mindful or aware of.  Or, to give aid and assistance to someone, or, as is popular these days, as a part of the phrase self-care  I like the idea of all of those.

I think we are, a lot of us, feeling a bit shaken.  Battered and bruised, and in need of healing. 

So, to quote the greatest philosopher of our time, Jerry Springer, "Take care of yourself.  And each other."