So...2020, am I right?!?

When we last left off our heroine protagonist was planning her trip to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  What a difference a day makes, as they say.

I was informed on Friday that I had been exposed to someone who had just tested positive for Covid.  I did some research, and I decided that going to Atlanta was a bad idea.

Truthfully, it was probably a bad idea to begin with.  But this piece of information made it an unequivocally bad idea.  So, I canceled my trip.

I did have a rapid test on Friday, but that was just a few days post exposure, and they say that my negative could be a false negative.  And that to test accurately, I should wait 5-7 days, which falls squarely on Thanksgiving.

I'm not upset about having been exposed.  I have been careful, I have made decisions based on risk assessment, taken precautions and played the odds.  The person in question is asymptomatic.  Which is good - I don't want anyone getting sick.  I strongly doubt I'll get it, or if I do that it'll be anything more than a mild inconvenience for a few days.  But what if I were an asymptomatic carrier who caused my mother or her boyfriend, or any of their small bubble to get sick.

So, hopefully there will be enough pizza for two.  I did manage to order a turkey breast, dressing mix, and sweet potatoes at the store.  I don't care if we eat Turkey on Thursday, but I do want the sandwiches after.

I also got a bottle of Durkee sauce - a mayostard/mustardayonnaise concoction that I find critical to the sandwich making process.

It's like 1970s in a bottle.  Aquariffic!

So, that's the latest.  If I end up with symptoms, I'll let you know.  But I think this is just going to be something in a long list of things that, one day, we'll look back on and laugh.

I could use a laugh.

But seriously, I'm fine.  I'll keep you posted!




Christopher said…
Here's hoping you stay asymptomatic. Heck, you may even find that Stenson's Mayostard, or Durkee's sauce, is a cure. Heck, it seems to make everything else better.