Sax and Violins

My parents had sort of a European sensibility - or what I perceive as such, when it came to raising us.  

Basically, they didn't object to sex and nudity, but were hesitant to expose us to violence.

I remember seeing Blue Lagoon with them in the theater.  I remember watching American Beauty with the - a little awkward, but a great movie.

I also remember my father asking me not to see Platoon, as he thought it was too violent.  It's the only time my father asked me not to see something.  So, it stuck with me.  I never did see it.

The other night, I did watch Full Metal Jacket.  Which was similar thematically.  Also a little violent - but there was humor, and drama and philosophy. And some killer acting.  But war is, as they say, hell.

I don't really have any interest in Platoon.  I've seen Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now - I feel like that's enough of Vietnam to last a lifetime. I would consider Miss Saigon, though to be honest - not really my first choice.  

Which reminds me - TPAC's three show Broadway package next year is a giant NOPE from me. Oh well.

Matt has started a new video game that is decidedly not violent.

It's called Stardew Valley, and it's about a young man (or woman, player's choice) who ends up inheriting a farm.  So far, Matt has four chickens and a hen house, a cabin, crops, and a stable on the way.  It's pretty soothing to watch - and very simple.  He farms, he mines, he attempts to charm the single village ladies.  I don't know - it's my kind of game.  I fell in love with SimCity long before there were The Sims.  And I love The Sims, but I'm not great at it, and this feels way simpler.

I'm still plugging away at my brain enhancement app - Peak.  Today is my one year streak of continuous play.  I'm not sure how smart I've gotten in a year.  Ask me later.  In a few more years.

I also started taking French quizzes online because, you know - why not?  Apparently, this app thinks that on (one) equals nous (we).  So you could say "We have a dog" and the same thing could be said as "One has a dog".  I disagree with that.

I also have hard time with the singular "they".  I don't mind it ideologically, I just have a hard time with it coming out of my mouth.  You spend 40 years conditioned in subject/verb agreement, then they change the rules.  It's fine - I'll come around.  For what it's worth, I'm she/her.  Or, you know, just call me Allison.  It's not that big of a deal.

I could use something sweeter and simpler - like a farming game, or some kind of chill RPG.  Because when reality is a little tiresome, it's good to escape.  And I can't really escape into word puzzles and language lessons.  Mama needs a narrative.

I guess I should be reading more, and more often.  But I'm not.  I also need to send Mom something new to read.

My birthday is in a few weeks.  I am thinking of treating myself to a new pair of shoes.  Namely, Converse low-tops in Maroon.  I've owned navy ones, and gray - it's time.

Last night, I somehow got a snippet of lyric stuck in my headbrain, and I could not figure out where it was from. I thought I knew the tune, but I couldn't get past about three words.  One of them was unusual enough that this morning, I looked up "songs with transmute in lyrics".

Voila!  Turns out it's Lusty Month of May.  I spent much of the night running the lyrics of Hamilton and trying to remember ritual songs from my sorority.  It was annoying, so I'm glad I cleared it up.  Memory is a bitch kitten.  I have my own that I rule over - but often find myself overseeing my mother's as well - and that's exhausting.  

Speaking of exhausting... I need to take a break.  We have a new hire group in house, and I finish that session Friday.  I am strongly considering a few days off at the end of the month.

And maybe a few days in early November.  To vote, and to watch election results.  It's going to be a totally different experience this time around.  I'll be at home, and not eating pasta out of a cardboard bucket in Ohio.

If that sounds pathetic, it's because it was.

Anyway.  All of this to say - watch a good movie.  Sexy, or violent, or violently sexy - whatever.  It's all good.

Don't watch the debates on Thursday, because there are none.  Watch something great and happy.

Be good and be happy.