RBG Glow Up - Ways to Stand Out At Halloween Dressed As Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

(Another reject I am passing on to you)

So you want to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg this Halloween?  Of course you do!  It's topical, it's an homage, and that black robe hides any emotional eating you've done recently.  Here's what you'll need:

Standard RBG: Hair in bun, glasses, black robe, lace jabot.  

But you don't want to be lost in a sea of would-be Ruths, do you?  Of course not!  Here are some fun ways to honor the late great Justice and elevate your costume to a new level.

Horrified Ghost of Ruth Bader Ginsburg:  Add makeup to look pale, ethereal, carry today's newspaper.

Zombie Ruth Bader Ginsburg:  Add green/gray face paint, rip robe in several places.

Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg:  Add baseball cap or jersey, cigar, swap gavel for baseball bat.

McRuth the Crime Fighting Ginsdog:  Add floppy ears, trench coat and trade gavel for magnifying glass.

Sojourner Truth Bader Ginsburg:  Don't do this. It sounds clever, but there is no way this can end well. 

Roof Bader Ginsburg: Add shingles, chimney (cotton batting makes great smoke), lost frisbee.

Ruth Bather Ginsburg:  Add shower cap, rubber duckie, loofah. Bubbles?

Ruth Badass Ginsburg:  Rip sleeves off robe.  Add biker vest, brass knuckles, tattoos, piercings. 

Redneck Bader Ginsburg: Add fake bad teeth, bottle of Mountain Dew, trade gavel for shotgun. Consider pink ice earrings.

Ruth Spader GInsburg: Add James Spader mask.

Ruth Gator Ginsburg:  Cover all exposed skin in green scales (paint or adhesive), add claws, prosthetic teeth. Or an alligator mask, if simpler.

Woof Bader Ginsburg: Add ears, tail, collar, canine face paint, trade gavel for rawhide bone.

Darth Vader Ginsburg: Add mask, trade gavel for light saber.

Fifty Shades of Ginsburg:  Add fishnets, heels, shorten robe to above knee, trade gavel for whip.

Groot Bader Ginsburg: Add large flower pot to stand in, Groot mask.

Ruth Bader Ginsburger: Add large sesame seed bun, appropriate toppings.  Trade gavel for large french fry - consider using a pool noodle to craft this.  

Ruth Tater Ginsburg - Hot glue small bags of potato chips to the black robe.  

Ruth Biden Ginsburg:  Trade glasses for aviator shades.  Add Biden/Harris 2020 button.

Ruth Bader Gingerbread Woman:  Use cardboard to make a gingerbread face, "frosted" to look like an edible RBG. Make a cardboard gingerbread gavel.

Snow White Bader Ginsburg and the Eight Dwarves: Group costume.  Add a red bow to Ruth's bun, red lipstick.  The dwarves are the remaining Supreme Court Justices - they can wear bright colored t-shirts with relevant nicknames on them: Shouty, Flushy, Sketchy, Proud, etc.

Ruth Bader Ginsburglar: add ski mask, glasses on top. Trade gavel for flashlight.

Sexy Justice Ginsburg: Don't change a thing.  If we learned anything from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it's that there's nothing hotter than a woman with resilience, brains, and power. 


Christopher said…
So McSweeney's turned this down and instead went with seemingly endless Star Wars-as-metaphor-for-our-current-politics jokes.
Go figure.